Divorce Judgment’s Delayed In Los Angeles County Divorce Cases

Divorce Judgment’s Delayed In Los Angeles County Divorce Cases

Good morning, this is Tim Blankenship with divorce661.com, and today I wanted to talk to you about how the LA county courts are recording the judgments being submitted.

You’ll see on there that it’s saying that they are currently processing judgments, judgment packages that is as of May 6th this is causing some concern from my clients and I know there’s a lot of talk about this in the legal industry in LA County so the courts reporting that they’re currently working on judgments as of May 6th and we’re finding that this is absolutely not true.

So i wanted to get this video out there to let people know that everything is fine it’s just that the courts are very slow right now.

I must have 20 to 30 judgment packages sitting with the courts right now.

All prior to May 6th none of them have I received back.

So here’s what I recommend you do.

Number 1 is, go to the case summary at the LAsuperiorcourt.org and check your case summary. So go ahead and enter your case number and make sure that your judgment package had been received. If it’s been received anywhere I’d say from February this year this 2013 till now is still a big possibility that they have not reviewed your judgment yet and if it’s been received and you’ve verified that then this is just an issue of them having these long delays.

I know my clients are wondering where those judgments are. I’m on the Los Angeles county bar family law forum.

This is the back channel of sorts where attorneys and other legal professionals are communicating and everyone is talking about the delays with judgments taking many, many months as much as six months and more.

So just keep that in mind, it is taking a long time to get judgments submitted. The last time there was even an update to the superior court website was a month ago.

They had over 500 lay-offs a while back. I’m sure there are a lot of things going on. They had people that were demoted, people that were fired.

Position are going unfilled and positions where they needed to hire someone are being left unfilled so, of course their workload has gone up.

We are Just as a small paralegal firm here in Los Angeles, and we’re submitting probably five judgments a week to the court and we’re just one firm. Plus you have attorneys, and people going pro per and doing their own cases.

So, I’m sure that they are very busy.

Also, keep in mind that the court website is referring to the central court’s processing timelines. The branch courts like Lancaster, San Fernando, and Venice, they’re taking even longer and they’re not reporting where they’re at as far as judgments are concerned. So, it is taking a long time to get your judgment back from the court.

If you’re one of my clients watching videos, the emails regarding this issue just know that they are taking a long time. We are on top of it and once we submit it to the court it’s in their hands. It’s literally out of ours, so it’s just a waiting game at that point.

My name is Tim Blankenship, divorce661.com. We do handle divorces in Los Angeles County. Please give us a call if we could be of assistance.