How To Find A Divorce Mediator – Santa Clarita Divorce Mediation

How To Find A Divorce Mediator – Santa Clarita Divorce Mediation

If you are looking for a divorce mediator for your divorce in Santa Clarita, there are a few ways you can locate one.   In this video we discuss the different websites and ways to locate a divorce mediator for your divorce in Santa Clarita.

Lisa: You can.

Tim: Alright.

Lisa: I have a websites I am on a lot of different mediation organizational sites, and Southern California Mediation Association and there’s couple of other ones.

And when you look for a mediator those are great resources because a lot of times they are private mediation firms that don’t have that attorney background.

And there’s more and more of us coming because we love, we’re passionate about the process. We want to bring peace especially in the Divorce situation.

We want to bring peace to these families and really save a lot of heartache. And so we’re trying to focus and educate the public.

Tim: Right.

Lisa: About these options that we’re out there.

Tim: That’s why we’re doing this today.

Lisa: Yes.

Tim: Yes, to let people know that mediation exists.

How To Choose A Divorce Mediator – Santa Clarita Divorce

How To Choose A Divorce Mediator – Santa Clarita Divorce

There are several factors you will want to consider when choosing a divorce mediator in Santa Clarita.  The first thing you will want to consider when choosing a divorce mediator in Santa Clarita, is if you want to use an attorney-mediator or a non-attorney mediator.  There are different styles of mediation depending on which type of divorce mediator you use.

Watch this video for more information about how to choose a divorce mediator in Santa Clarita.

Tim: Now you brought up education. I want to touch on that because I looked in to offering mediation services because as Legal Document Preparation Service we have limitations.

Lisa: Right.

Tim: So we don’t give legal advice. We don’t go to court for people and represent them in court, not in that fashion.

We’re just here to fill out the paperwork properly, correctly and give that professional service. And sometimes even though people have come to us and they think they have all their agreements, something happens.

Lisa: Right.

Tim: And they have trouble coming to agreements usually about money or something like that. And we didn’t offer mediation services, so, I actually looked into becoming a mediator as in additional service.

And what I found was there’s no real governing board. There’s not any real way of getting certified.

Lisa: Right.

Tim: I mean I can call myself a mediator today with zero training.

Lisa: And a lot of people do that.

Tim: Yes.

Lisa: There are lots of trainings available. They’re very cursory. They just kind of scratch the surface.

And it’s more of ‘Okay, you kind of have an idea of what it’s like. Good luck!’ They kind of throw you out there.

My educational background was much more intense. It involved cultural differences, differences within, different family backgrounds I mean it came from every angle that you can think of.

And then my work in the court system helps me not only say, ‘Hey, this is a great option for your family to do this without having to deal with attorneys, without having to go through the court system.’ because this is what I know about what happens to families in the court systems because I’ve been there.

And I can continue to work there. But my goal is to steal people away from that.

Tim: Right.

Lisa: Because it’s just not a happy ending 99% of the time.

Tim: Sure. And so education is important if someone is looking for a mediator. You have to really be careful and find out what their background is. And make sure it’s going to be a suitable—

Lisa: Well, like you said anybody can say, ‘Hey, I took a two week course of Mediation. And now I’m a mediator.’

And that’s not, and the attorney mediators, a lot of times that’s what they do. And say ‘Now I offer mediation services.’

They’re still coming from a litigation background.

Tim: Right.

Lisa: Where it’s a win loose–

Tim: About the law.

Lisa: We got the laws. The only thing that matters you need, we need, they’ll even take one of the parties side and say, ‘You really shouldn’t be agreeing to this.’

Tim: Really?

Lisa: It’s not on your interest. And they forget that their job is to help the people come together and communicate and not pissed. It’s just this automatic thing.

Tim: It’s just that’s how their brain works.

Lisa: It’s how their brain works. That’s how they were trained in law school.

Tim: Right.

Lisa: And that’s what happened. So—

Tim: Okay.