Top 5 Reasons Your California Divorce Was Not Finished

We have been doing this a long time and we have heard it all. We have helped clients finish their divorce as much as 18
years after they “thought their divorce was finalized”

This can be a nightmare for some, especially if you have already been re-married… Yes, that has happened…

But don’t worry, we can help finalize your divorce.

Lets talk about the top 10 reasons your divorce was never

#1 Reason – You did not finish your case!

Don’t get mad at me, I wasn’t there. But really, this is an obvious reason, right?

What we have found from people who did not finish their case is that most of them THOUGHT THEIR CASE WAS FINALIZED.

#2 Reason – You went to a hearing and the judge made orders.

When you go to a hearing and the judge makes orders, they are JUST TEMPORARY ORDERS until final judgment is entered. We have found that many people think that once they go to court that the case is over when the judge makes orders. So far from the truth.

#3 Reason – Final Judgment in your case was never entered.

The judge may make some orders at a hearing or trial, but unless those orders are memorialized on a final judgment, submitted to the Court and signed by the Judge, your case is not completed.

#4 Reason – You made an error on your judgment paperwork.

This is a big one. The forms are confusing and all it takes is one mistake to fowl up the entire judgment. Some people submit their judgment and move and don’t receive notification that their divorce judgment was rejected.

Make sure you receive notice of entry of judgment!

#5 Reason – You did not comply with the divorce procedures leading up to your judgment.

This could be something as small as not completing a proof of service correctly.

There are all types of reasons your divorce was never finalized.

A lot of it will be procedural issues. Things you did wrong during the process.

But don’t worry, we can help. We can clean it up and wrap up your divorce for you.

Anywhere in California, we can assist with finishing up your case. Just give us the case number so we can see what has been done.

We will also need to see what documents you have previously filed, but we can talk about that later.

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