Nullity And Annulment Of California Marriage Or Divorce

Nullity And Annulment Of California Marriage Or Divorce

Today, we’re talking about a question that we get quite a bit. And that is in regarding is in regards to doing a Nullity of your marriage in California.

And I just got done reading an article written by an attorney and a Divorce attorney and they went in to the reasons why you can qualify for a Nullity.

And one of the big misconceptions about Nullity is in general.

And what that was is the other is a misconception that people feel that if they have a Divorce that is short term maybe a month a week a few hours a few days even maybe three or four months that because it’s a short marriage that they can simply nullify the marriage and make it as if it never existed.

Now the court gives us at least in California gives us eight reasons why you can–I guess you could call it qualify for nullity where you’ll have to prove to the court to qualify for nullity.

And again you would have to prove for these things. But length of marriage is not one of the reasons why you can nullify your marriage.

One of the things that these attorney spoke about is that there was a reason court case with one of the Kardashian’s who what they apparently the husband was trying to nullify the marriage because there was only a three or four months long, and suggested that the only reason that she married him is for fame because of the TV show.

And that in that case they denied the nullity. And they had to go through a regular Divorce and get Divorce.

So right there you can see that just because they had a short term marriage is not a reason they would qualify for a nullity.

And you’ll most likely have to go through as or put it through as a Divorce case.

Now it’s always up to the court. You can always attempt to nullify your marriage.

If the court doesn’t find that there’s legal reason or cause or you don’t meet one of these eight reasons they will just transfer your case in to a Divorce case.

And then have you go through those motions as was the case with the Kardashian case.

So just keep that in mind as far as nullity is concerned, time of or link of marriage is not necessarily or is not at all a reason for nullity just by may what you may just hear on TV or in watching TV programs.