Divorce Paralegal Service In Century City, CA

Divorce Paralegal Service In Century City, CA

Today I want to talk to you about our service and encourage you to go to our website and find more about our company in how we can help you through your divorce for an affordable fee.

We are licensed full service divorce firm serving all of California. We are able to take your divorce from start to finish for one low flat fee.

We do everything from filling out the forms, going down to court and filing them, serving them, doing all the financial disclosures that are mandatory by the court, all the required processes and procedures and including completing your final judgment.

The final judgment includes such things as distribution of assets and debts, your spousal support orders, child support orders, property orders, parenting plan, custody, visitation, literally everything goes into it. And we operate just like the law firm does.

The only difference between us and a law firm is that we don’t give legal advice here and we don’t represent you in court. So, the ideas if you’re going to be using our service that you are going to be working towards agreement doesn’t mean you have to be 100% have all your agreements together.

We can assist you that but it just means you guys are trying to at least cooperatively get through your divorce, works towards the agreements and we can assist you with that.

We have all the court’s software. We have the DissoMaster software that courts use to determine spousal support and child support. We help you come up with a parenting plan. So, I just want to get that word out to you folks in Century City that we can help you.

Our main office currently is in Valencia, California, however we do handle clients all over California and we do have a systematized approach in getting this done either over the phone or online through questionnaires but do know that we serve all the courts in Los Angeles County and can help you there in Century City.

Please give us a call. 661-281-0266. Or go to divorce661.com for more information.