Should You Use A Divorce Self Help Book | California Divorce

Should You Use A Divorce Self Help Book | California Divorce

Today I want to talk to you about whether or not it’s a good idea to use a divorce self-help book.

I recently went to the library and I wanted to see what these publishers were putting out there and what I found out it they’re all pretty much the same thing.

There’s, you know, different publishers, different attorneys, or group of attorneys writing about divorce, and this is what you can find in a self-help book and this is why I think divorce self-help books are pretty much worthless.

So when you open up the books, you’re going to get maybe a chapter or two of general law and things related to divorce and after that it’s going to go into how to prepare your actual forms.

Now it’s kind of laughable.

I’ve been into this divorce service for several years now, and I know the ins and outs of all the forms and so forth.

And I was confused in looking at the different pages that showed say a summons and basically what it had is it had the page over here with all the instructions and then over here it had a copy of the divorce form.

Let’s say it’s the petition for instance, and it had arrows going to each line and back-and-forth, it looked like a geometry math problem with lines going back-and-forth if this then that, go back to C if you checked, marked box D, then skip E through F.

I mean it was really confusing; and I didn’t get a whole lot out of it; and I really believed that these books are not necessarily there to help you.

I mean, of course, if you took the time and went through it you could probably fill out some of your divorce forms, they’re probably not going to be accurate because the one thing that they don’t do is they don’t let you know about the local forms.

So you can certainly get a California self-help divorce book but it’s not going to know if you’re in LA County, or San Bernardino County or where in California you are.

And there are always local forms that you need to be aware of and the process is a little bit different from each county, and you also need to be aware of that.

So what I really feel these books are designed to do are to thoroughly confuse you cause that’s what it did to me.

And I’m in the business and they are hoping that you will call them each book lets you know that they’re an attorney or a group of attorneys and there’s help you could get by calling them.

So what they’re, I think, they’re trying to achieve is having you call them and then turn you into an actual client for their law firm by confusing you through the divorce book.

I wrote a blog on this and I’m going to insert this video in the blog and you can learn more about a better way of getting through a divorce.

I’ve done over a hundred and thirty or hundred and fifty videos so far about divorce; I’ve written over a thousand different articles on divorce.

I think that’s a much better way of getting through the divorce process, if you’re intending to do it completely on your own without assistance.

Of course, if you would like some assistance in California we’d be happy to help you out, but you can watch a video, you can watch, listen to podcasts we have done, you can read our blogs.

I think that’s a much better way of learning how to complete the divorce process than reading any book that is probably out-dated by the time it actually hits the bookshelves.

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