Self Help Divorce Legal Representation In Santa Clarita

What does it mean to work with a self help divorce legal representation company in Santa Clarita?

Essentially it means that we provide a self help service.  As a self help divorce service, you are technically representing yourself.  We are here to assist you in preparing your divorce documents, explain the process of divorce and to keep your case moving.

We do just about everything, however we are not allowed to give you legal advice and we cannot represent you in court.  What this means is that if you do have legal questions that we cannot answer you simply need to have a consultation with an attorney, get your questions answered and then we can proceed as normal.

Many times, we will ask the divorce attorneys down the hall from our office a question here or there on your behalf if it is something that is pretty straight forward.

What started out as a divorce service where we only handled straight forward and simple divorces in Santa Clarita, we are finding that people have contested divorce cases that they are trying to get through, but just don’t have the financial resources to hire an attorney.

Sometimes this means helping them to file a motion for attorney fees so they can get a judge to order the other party pay so they can hire an attorney, and sometimes we will take them all the way through their contested divorce case.

We can get you through complicated divorce matters, but just realize the you will be the one going to court.  Surprisingly our clients are not bashful and do a great job appearing in court and representing themselves.

It works out pretty good actually and is a huge costs savings.  You work with us to prepare all your divorce documents and when you need legal advice you just need to seek out an attorney on a consultation basis only.  Then, when it is time for court, you simply show up and handle the matter on your own.

If you are looking for self help divorce legal representation in Santa Clarita please give us a call.