More California Divorce Videos Podcasts & Live Events

More California Divorce Videos Podcasts & Live Events

This is some exciting news that we’re just spreading.

If you’re one of the thousands of people that watch our videos each month or tune in to our YouTube channel or listen to our podcast, we’re going to step up our game here in the next couple of weeks.

If you’ve gotten tired of watching the background of just the yellow wall behind me, we are going to step up our game.

We are now getting another office just for a studio because our main way of obtaining business is by providing all these information about Divorce in California.

We are going to step up our game. And we are going to have a studio where it’s going to be more professional background set-up in providing information.

What we’re going to be doing is instead of—we’re going to be having streaming events. We’re on Thursdays.

We will have a live event, Thursdays at 1:00pm where you can tune in to our YouTube Channel or write on our blog and ask us questions.

And we’ll literally be live. Our YouTube channel is going to be updated daily with daily videos. And we also have our podcast.

So let me tell you about the different ways you can obtain information about Divorce in California that we provide.

Number one, Thursdays at 1:00pm starting next week you can tune in live and ask questions about Divorce in California.

And we’ll do our best to answer them every Thursday at 1:00pm.

You can tune in to our YouTube channel where we have several hundred videos. And we’re adding more videos everyday about the California Divorce process.

You can tune in to which will take you to our podcast where we have a five day a week podcast episode talking about different areas and parts of Divorce.

So we have tons and tons of informations out there. We find it very valuable to get these informations in your hands.

And like I said this is how people find us. This is why we do this.

We want to demystify the Divorce process and court forms and things that we see everyday because you and anyone else going through a Divorce, these things are not easy, easily findable or easily understandable when you go to your counties court website to find out how Divorce works and the process.

So all the information is out there YouTube, podcast, live stream events or just give us a call.

We have clients call all the time who are going through Divorce when they need our assistance or they’ll hire us from the very beginning to complete their Divorce for them in California.