California Divorce | Not Filing Response To Save Money

California Divorce | Not Filing Response To Save Money

If you are filing for divorce in California and your plan is to save money by not filing a Response to divorce and file a default case, you will want to read this.

There is a better way to file your California divorce if you are trying to save money by not filing a Response.  Let me explain.

I have had a few clients come to our office who had started the divorce process on their own.  They said they plan on filing a default type divorce because they don’t want the extra cost of having to pay the filing fee for filing the Response.

I ask them if they filing a default because their spouse is not cooperating or does not want to participate.  Their answer was, “No”.  They said their spouse is in agreement with the terms of the divorce and the only reason they are filing a default divorce is to save the money on the filing fees.

So these folks are using a default divorce as more of a strategy to save money, but not for the real reason the default divorce is there for.  It does work to save money, but there are some downsides to the default divorce.  Especially if you and your spouse are in agreement.

First, let me tell you about this better way to save money on the filing fees when you are in agreement on your California divorce.   It is called a California default divorce with agreement. We have written a complete article on that which you can read by clicking on the previous link.

With the California Default Divorce with agreement you will still be filing the Request To Enter Default, but you will be doing so not after 30 days, but along with the written agreement.  This way you and your spouse and file for divorce, save money by not paying a response fee and still enter into a written agreement.

The benefits to this are that divorce by agreement are much less scrutinized by the Courts and you can split up your assets pretty much however you decide.  If you file a true default case, the Court is going to require that you evenly distribute your assets and debts, even if is not a fair and equitable division.

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