Santa Clarita Divorce Attorney Do You Need One???

Santa Clarita Divorce Attorney Do You Need One???

Something you might find surprising is less than 10% of all divorce cases actually need a divorce attorney. We are a licensed and bonded legal document preparation firm specializing in divorce in California and we’re headquartered right here in Santa Clarita.

A lot of people initially, when they feel they’re going to go to a divorce, the first thing they’ll do is reach out and talk to an attorney. At least that’s what they think they need to do because they don’t realize there are other options.

Because less than 10% of divorce cases actually need an attorney and because you can represent yourself during your divorce, chances are, you probably won’t need an attorney for your divorce.

I’m not saying, it’s not a wise idea to go out and consult with your attorney and find out what your legal rights are. Other than that, there really is no reason retain unless you need legal advice or you are going to end up in court. But again, less than 10% of those cases filed in California actually go to court.

We’re a licensed and bonded document preparation firm, we only do divorce cases. We are doing this in the Los Angeles are and because we don’t have attorneys in our office and because we’re not a law firm, we have a lot more affordable rates.

What we do is we will professionally prepare all of your documents. We will prepare them, file them, serve them, walk you through the entire process, start to finish and the benefit to using us is the cost.

You get your documents prepares professionally, you don’t have to go to court. We take care of everything for you and if something goes sideways where you run in to trouble and it’s not as amicable as you thought or you’re going to need a legal advice, you guys can’t agree on things. You have other options.

We have folks that start with us, they can’t come to an agreement for something, let’s say, spousal support or something financial. We’ll refer them to mediation. They’ll go to mediation, they’ll work out their issues, they’ll come back and we’ll finish things up.

Still going to be a lot cheaper than both of you get an attorneys. Very worst case scenario, you have to go get an attorney. And it happens, we have folks who start with us, it goes really sideways and they end up with attorneys and that’s fine. At least they save money up to that point.

I’ve worked to the courts. I’ve worked for major law firms here in Santa Clarita. We prepare our documents just as they would be done if you did them in a law firm. Obviously, just a lot cheaper, so for some reason you have to pick up and go.

You can, you grab your file, you go find an attorney, which we’ll be happy to refer you to and they can pick up where we left off.

You do not have to go back to square one. Everything will be prepared professionally just as it would have been done in a law firm.

Give us a call, if you think you need an attorney, call me, I’d be happy to give you a free consultation and we can talk about whether or not you truly need an attorney.

We can get you started, we can get you up to a certain point you can get an attorney then, when it becomes required or if you know you need an attorney flat out and you know our service aren’t going to be useful for you, give us a call, I’d be happy to refer you to a good attorney here in Santa Clarita. We know all of them and there’s no obligation. There’s no benefit to us for referring. Just we want to be nice guys.

Tim Blankenship, is our website. Please go there for more information. We have wealthy information in our sites. Please feel free to give me a call. 661-281-0266. We’ll talk to you soon.