Divorce Not A Simple Open And Shut Case In Los Angeles

While we understand and know the divorce process inside and out, there are always cases that throw us a curveball. This just goes to show that sometimes divorce is not a simple open and shut case.

An example of this, is a client we have been helping for about 6 months. When he called us he had been working on getting divorced for about 5 years. They both had slacked off on completing the divorce, but he had found a new love and now wanted to get things finished up. (we get a lot of clients this way)

The problem was that the wife was just not as motivated to get things done. When this happens, where one spouse is not doing the necessary steps, it is just a matter of getting the court involved so the court can tell the parties what they need to do. So this is what we did.

We started off by filing a request for trial setting. This is what you do if you need to get the court involved to help move things forward. The form is filed and a court date will be set. The parties are notified of the court date. This date will be the first time you speak to a judge and he or she will see where things are at and tell the parties what is to be completed before the next hearing.

Several hearings later, we finally have the last court appearance coming up in a few weeks. The judge advised what documents were to be completed prior to the hearing.

The good news is that this last hearing should prove to be the finalization of the divorce. The judge asked that the final disclosures be completed and that the judgment forms be prepared.

When he appears at this last hearing, the judge will accept the judgment and the divorce should be completed.

When we first started with this client, it was supposed to be an easy uncontested case. It turned out not to be so easy, but we were able to get him through it.

That is our promise when you sign up to work with us. We know not every divorce case is going to be perfectly smooth. Whatever happens, we will work to get your through the process.

The reason we are able to do this is because we have worked for the court system before, specifically in divorce, and understand what has to be done to move a case forward.

How To Finish Your Divorce In A Day Santa Clarita

How To Finish Your Divorce In A Day Santa Clarita

I just figured out how to complete a divorce in one day and it was not my idea.

I had a new client call me and advise me that her and her husband had agreed to divorce and they were in a hurry to get it done. They asked if they could come in together and get as much done in a single day.

While we do meet with both husband and wife together on a regular basis, we usually break the divorce process down into a few steps just so folks don’t become overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork.

So instead of simply preparing the initial divorce documents at the first meeting, we were going to prepare a majority of the paperwork in a single meeting.

To do this, I had to give them lots of instructions and send them copies of blank forms so they knew what they would have to bring in when we met.

This couple had already filed for divorce, so there was no need to wait for the case to be filed. If you have not filed yet, this can be done prior to our first meeting and I can serve your spouse the day we meet.

So there we all were for a few hours powering through all the financial disclosures, making copies of documents and signing everything. I was able to personally serve both of them and get all their agreement on paper.

All that was left to do is file the documents with the court and prepare the final judgment paperwork. I would never have someone wait for the final judgment forms as that can take several hours.

This will likely be the only time these clients have to come to my office. As soon as I prepare the judgment, all they need to do is review it and sign it. Then it can be filed with the court so we can conclude their divorce.

If you are interested in getting your divorce done quickly, please give us a call. We can discuss a plan so we can finish your divorce in a day.

Do You Have An Easy Divorce – Santa Clarita

Do You Have An Easy Divorce – Santa Clarita

While no divorce is truly easy (the Courts made sure of that) there are some that are not as difficult as others.

The divorce process is all about filing out forms and paperwork, following proper procedure and checking the correct boxes. This truly what is is all about, for course, aside from all the emotion and issues you are going through.

So the more issues you have to resolve the more paperwork there is to complete. That is what separates easy from the more involved cases.

For instance, if you don’t have any assets, debts or property, you don’t have to fill out the forms that relate to that. If you don’t have any issues with spousal support or don’t have any children, you don’t have to fill out the documents that relate to those issues.

Divorce cases that have fewer issues are easier in that there is less paperwork to fill out. But the paperwork is only one issue. You still have to ensure that you follow the proper procedure for your divorce to conclude properly. The forms are only half the battle.

Divorce is never easy, that I am sure we can agree on. It is the combination of dealing with a process you never had to deal with, combined with unfamiliar forms and confusing court procedures. This is what you are up against, even if you have what you think is an easy divorce.

Even if you have a divorce case with very few issues, no property, no assets, etc., you should still hire our company to assist you with completing your divorce forms and assisting you through the divorce procedure requirements.

Here is why we say you should use us even if you have an “easy” divorce. We have seen some of the brightest people have some of the most difficult times in completing their divorce paperwork. So it is not that folks don’t have an aptitude or are not smart enough to do their own divorce, rather it is the fact that the courts procedures are confusing and misleading.

Spare yourself the grief of attempting your divorce on your own. Save your precious time and have the experts handle your divorce for you.