How To Finish Your Divorce In A Day Santa Clarita

How To Finish Your Divorce In A Day Santa Clarita

I just figured out how to complete a divorce in one day and it was not my idea.

I had a new client call me and advise me that her and her husband had agreed to divorce and they were in a hurry to get it done. They asked if they could come in together and get as much done in a single day.

While we do meet with both husband and wife together on a regular basis, we usually break the divorce process down into a few steps just so folks don’t become overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork.

So instead of simply preparing the initial divorce documents at the first meeting, we were going to prepare a majority of the paperwork in a single meeting.

To do this, I had to give them lots of instructions and send them copies of blank forms so they knew what they would have to bring in when we met.

This couple had already filed for divorce, so there was no need to wait for the case to be filed. If you have not filed yet, this can be done prior to our first meeting and I can serve your spouse the day we meet.

So there we all were for a few hours powering through all the financial disclosures, making copies of documents and signing everything. I was able to personally serve both of them and get all their agreement on paper.

All that was left to do is file the documents with the court and prepare the final judgment paperwork. I would never have someone wait for the final judgment forms as that can take several hours.

This will likely be the only time these clients have to come to my office. As soon as I prepare the judgment, all they need to do is review it and sign it. Then it can be filed with the court so we can conclude their divorce.

If you are interested in getting your divorce done quickly, please give us a call. We can discuss a plan so we can finish your divorce in a day.