Getting Married Young Results In Higher Divorce Rates

Getting Married Young Results In Higher Divorce Rates

Today, we’re talking about a new study that was done. And the study was done by the University of North Carolina.

And this study kind of change what the beliefs were about one of the leading causes of Divorce.

Now what this article went in to and what this study had to do with is finding out and learning more about does cohabiting or just living together with your soon to be spouse have anything to do with Divorce.

And I think it was a common held belief that in the past over the last few decades that if you live together prior to marriage that, that was one of the leading causes of Divorce or it was a cause of Divorce.

I shouldn’t say it’s a leading cause. But that we believed that for decades.

And that’s what a research proved, is that if you live together prior to marriage that you had a greater risk of getting divorce.

And this new study what they did is they basically learned that they had looked at the wrong variable.

So what they now have determined is that it’s not so much of living together prior to marriage that’s the caused of Divorce.

It is age at which people starts setting down. So this was attributed more to younger folks living together prior to marriage.

And it wasn’t that living together that was the leading attribute to Divorce.

It was the fact that they were living together at a younger age and settling down earlier than before. And that was the caused.

So it was the age of them living together. Not that living together prior to marriage that was causing leading to additional divorces.

So just a recap, that it’s the age of people moving in together.

And what they’re essentially saying is settle down to soon too young which is interesting, an interesting finding I think.

And I’m just wondering what other people think of that.

Do you think it is the leading cause or it is an attribute for younger children moving together with their soon to be spouse?

Is it just that people are getting married too soon as opposed to the fact that they are living together prior to marriage?

I think it’s an interesting question. But according to this study, it’s that our younger generations are now moving in together and they’re settling down. And I guess you can say so like in a mate, prior too soon, according to this study.

So I’d be interested to hear what you have to say. What do you think it is?

Is it do you agree with this recent study that the younger generations are settling down too soon and perhaps not –I don’t want to use the words pointing the field, but looking and searching out for that final soul mate.

I’ll tell you this though. I just think that these the younger generations everything is changing.

Not just with relationships but just in life and how we consume information across the board, our younger generations going to be doing things much differently than the older generations then.

So feel free to leave some comments below.

I’d be interested to hear what you’ll have to say about this most recent study attributing to additional divorces with the younger generations settling down too soon.