Van Nuys Divorce Court How Long Will Motion Take

Van Nuys Divorce Court How Long Will Motion Take

Today we are talking about Van Nuys Court House in California and we’re talking about hearings that you’re setting with the court.

So, this would be called a request for order or a motion. They used to be called an order to show cost.

And what we’re talking about today is how long it’s going to take you to get a hearing when you file a motion. Because it is important to know how far out it’s going.

About a year and a half ago it used to be thirty days from the day you filed to the day you’d actually be on court. Then they crapped up to forty five days, then sixty and now it’s a whopping ninety days before you’ll get a hearing and that’s pretty bad considering people are filing motions to get temporary orders in their divorce case.

It may be because they need child support or spousal support or some type of other order and they have to wait ninety days before they can go to court.

The reason we know this, we just filed a case in Van Nuys and we file a motion for custody, visitation, support, everything else you will file in a motion when you have children and it was set in January.

Not only is there an issue because they are going into the holidays and we need some temporary child support and child visitation custody orders but now it’s going to go all the way through the end of the year into January.

Just keep that in mind, if you’re going to file a motion or you’re going to ask us to file a motion for you, which we can do for you. You’re looking at about ninety days before you get a hearing and this is for Van Nuys specific. It’s different with every court.

San Fernando is about sixty, Downtown is about sixty, it really depends, but Van Nuys they’re really backed up and I just want to keep that in mind.

So, if you need help in getting a motion filed, you can call us. We’ll prepare it for you. File it, serve it, do everything and that’s the service we provide, otherwise just keep in mind you’re looking at ninety days before you get any temporary orders in your divorce.

Tim Blankenship,

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