Valencia Divorce Paralegal How We Save You Money

Valencia Divorce Paralegal How We Save You Money

I want to talk to you specifically about how we save you money going through divorce.

Quickly, let me digress and say we specialize only in divorce here in Valencia.

We can get you through your divorce. We are a full service firm. We file your form, take them down to court, file them. Essentially do everything a law would do for you, just at a more affordable rate or a much more affordable rate.

And I want to talk to you about how we can save you money and hopefully you’re watching this video before you file any documents or before you try some online service or something like that. So, I want to talk to you a bit about this.

Number one, the reason we are able to save you money is because we get you through the divorce process on a single filing fee.

Let me explain, when you file for divorce, you have to pay a filing fee to the court. Currently it’s $435. If you follow the court procedure as they outline on the court website or through some other service or if you’re trying to do this online or by yourself, they’re going to require that you file a response. That your spouse files a response.

If you do that, your spouse has to pay another filing fee, another $435.

With our service, and because we work with the courts, we found that we can get you through the process with a single fee. So, only one fee of $435 and what the benefit in that is that’ll save $435 that will help to cover our costs. Mostly, and we can do everything for you.

We’ll file all the forms, take them down to court. Do the entire process. You can go on with your life doing what you do best and allow to us do what we do best.

Give me a call, we’ll run you through that. We can also do fee waivers for people that qualify. Which means you simply won’t pay a fee at all, regardless. And we do that with no charge.

Give me a call, 661-281-0266.

Specialize in divorce in Valencia. You go to our blog at for more information. We have hundreds of videos, podcasts, audio tutorials and we’re also on iTunes and Stitcher Radio at divorce master radio.

Look forward to talking to you when you need us.