Signing & Notarizing Your California Divorce Paperwork

Signing & Notarizing Your California Divorce Paperwork

The divorce courts throughout California generally have different rules in regards to signing paperwork. These different rules can be so varied that sometimes we have to make recommendations in a blanket statement to make sure folks have the best chance of having the divorce case approved.

This transcription and video discusses what we recommend as far as signing your divorce judgment.

Hi, Tim Blankenship here with and this is just a quick video. I want to talk to you about whether or not you need to notarize your divorce judgment paper work when you turn it in, so just as a blanket statement what I’m going to tell you is yes.

What I’ve done as a practice probably in the last year is just advised all of my clients regardless of the circumstances rather, is just across the board both the parties, petitioner and respondent, should always have their final signature page notarized.

When we prepare a judgment, we will prepare a page that just has a signature line for the petitioner, the respondent and the judge, we also have a notary acknowledge at the bottom so you can take it and have it notarized simply.

The reason we’re recommending that you across the board regardless of the circumstance is that both parties get it notarized, is we’re starting to see a trend and this started about a year, a year and a half ago where a clerk here and there around you know throughout California is requesting it, even though it wasn’t normally the case.

So, let me give you some scenarios, if you had an uncontested divorce where the petitioner filed the petition, the respondent filed the response and that’s what you consider an uncontested case then you didn’t need to have your signature notarized and that’s because they know that both parties are involved.

The reason the notary is there is of course to make sure that it’s actually the signature of the parties and when the no response is filed, in the case of a default or a hybrid where we have a default with agreement, that again is a time when you would need to have your signature notarized, the respondent.

Then what started happening is on long term marriages where we are terminating spouse support, so I don’t want to get too much into the weeds on this but in a long term marriage the general rule is California law states that there is reserved jurisdiction over the issue of spouse support indefinitely however, many clients want to terminate that jurisdiction so there is waiver language to do so.

Then what happened because spouses were giving up their rights to spouse support on long term marriages and wanted to waive it, the courts wanted to verify and by doing so asking that even on uncontested cases that the parties have their signatures notarized.

So, it’s just easier across the board everyone get your signature notarized, both petitioner and respondent on every case whether it be default, hybrid or an uncontested. Tim Blankenship, hope this video was helpful, call me if you need any help with your divorce anywhere in California.

You can schedule a consultation with me right off of our website, you can go to look for the blue button that says schedule a call with Tim and you’ll have access to my calendar and we’ll get you setup, talk to you on the phone and see if we can help you out 661 281 0266 and also at

Thanks so much for watching, take care.

Problems With Listing Pension Wrong On Divorce Judgment : Valencia Divorce

Listing your pension information wrong or listing how the pension is going to be divided wrong during your divorce or on your divorce papers can cause many problems down the road.

There are lot of people out there that try to do their own Valencia divorce. The problem is that you don’t know what you don’t know. What I mean to say is that you don’t know you are doing things wrong until it becomes a problem.

The good news is that it can be fixed. We can fix issues with your pension being listed wrong on your California divorce judgment. It is called a Stipulation & Order and we can prepare and file a Stipulation and Order to correct a previously filed judgment in your divorce case.

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In this video we discuss the issues with listing your pension in your judgment and doing it wrong and the problems this can cause down the road.


What we recommend, of course, is not to do your own divorce in the first place and to hire a professional company so that your Valencia divorce is done correctly the first time.

We offer a full service and do it yourself divorce process. We figure that there is just that percentage of the population that wants to file their own divorce, usually to save money. Which you can, it just comes at the expense of your time.

So we created a do-it-yourself divorce process as well as our full service divorce.

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More California Divorce Cases Being Rejected

We are starting to see more divorce cases in California being rejected by the courts. This is especially true in Los Angeles County.

The divorce courts use a checklist of items they can reject your case for and is 3 pages long. We are actually considering preparing a video on each of the reasons your case can be rejected so you can avoid having this happen to you or fix it if it has.

Sometimes the divorce cases are rejected for good cause. Meaning you forgot to include a necessary page or used the wrong language or forgot to check mark a box you were supposed to.

But now, we are seeing more random reasons for rejection. Most recently we had a case rejected and the clerk requested that the papers be collated. Collated? Really?

On another case, the case was rejected because the documents were not in the correct order. You will note that the court does not tell anyone what order the forms should be in. And in fact, the order can vary depending on who is reviewing the judgments.

I have some inside knowledge of how these divorce judgments are reviewed, because i am often the one down at court reviewing them. I have been an intern and volunteer my time at the courts to make sure i am always up to date with any changes.

I can tell you that the issue with collating and putting the judgment in a certain order is something new.

I honestly believe that the courts are so overwhelmed that they are just looking for any reason to reject your judgment. If the judgment is submitted in an unorganized fashion, they will just reject it instead of reorganizing it for you.

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