Divorce Paralegal Long Beach CA Paralegal Divorce California

Divorce Paralegal Long Beach CA Paralegal Divorce California

Today, we’re talking to the folks in Long Beach, California. We’ve actually filed numerous cases in Long Beach.

This is probably one of the busier courts branch courts for us down there at Long Beach.

So let me tell you a little bit what we can do for you. We are an alternative to hiring an attorney. We help you save some money.

Get you through the Divorce process as quickly and paying us as possible in Long Beach. And help you guys move on with your lives.

So we a neutral third party, we can work with both spouses. And being that we are a full served Divorce Paralegal Service, we can get you through the entire process from start to finish.

We take care of everything. So we’re talking about filling out the forms for you, again, for both you and your spouse, filling out all the documentation.

We take it down to court for you. So we’ll go down to Long Beach.

And we’ll file your documents for you for no extra charge. That’s part of our full service pricing.

We’ll go down the court. We’ll file them at Long Beach. We’ll serve them on your spouse.

Take care of all the processes and procedures. Prepare all the financial disclosures as our mandatory by the Long Beach Court House.

We’ll complete your final agreements or judgments or also known as marital settlement agreement which we’ll talk about the agreements.

So things such as distribution of assets and debts, whose going to get what, essentially, we’re talking abut if you have children, child custody visitation and child support issues.

We can help you with that as well spousal support. We’re pretty familiar with all the rules and regulations.

One thing we can’t do as a Paralegal Firm when providing Divorce services in Long Beach is we’re not a law firm.

So we’re not here to give you a legal advice. So anything sorts of that we can take care of.

If you have questions, we have all a lot of the answers. I won’t say we have all the answers but we’ve been doing this for several years.

I’ve worked for the Superior Courts. I’ve worked for the Self Help Clinics and for area law firms, local area law firms before ever opening this business.

And I’ve been in the business for a few years. We’re helping several hundred clients throughout California every year.

And we’re growing year by year. And we’ve become the go to place for Divorce in California because that’s all we specialized in.

Now feel free to give me a call if you have questions about your specific circumstances.

We’ve had hundreds of YouTube videos. And we have a podcast and tons of information.

But if you are interested in using our service just pick up the phone and give us a call, the numbers on your screen.

I’d be happy to spend 15, 20 minutes on the phone with you to talk about our service more specifically as it pertains to your circumstances.

And then if you’ll feel comfortable in using our service and we can kind of move on from there.

So go ahead and give us a call, the numbers on your screen or go to our website for more information if you want to find out about pricing or watch some of our videos, listen to our iTunes or podcast on iTunes.

We also have a weekly radio show podcast. It’s a live video podcast. It’s live every Thursday at 1:00.

You can also join us live and tune in Thursdays at 1:00 if you like more information about us or if you again, just pick up the phone and give us a call.