Low Cost Divorce With Attorney Assistance In Santa Clarita

While we have always been the place to provide affordable, low cost divorce services, we are also a company that can help you with attorney assistance.

We are not a law firm. I want that to be clear right away. We are a legal document preparation service that works without attorney supervision. We are our own entity.

However, when you work with us, one of the benefits is that you can obtain a free attorney consultation with a family law lawyer in Santa Clarita.

We are always working to provide a great divorce service here in Santa Clarita. To that end, we had some clients that could not afford and attorney, but were in need of an attorney consultation so they could get some off their legal questions answered.

We started to look for a local Santa Clarita attorney who would be willing to meet with our clients and provide a free consultation. Well, we found one and our clients have been getting free divorce consultations with a family law attorney ever since.

But here is the trick. You only get to have this free attorney consultation with this attorney if you are working with us.

Most divorce attorneys in the Santa Clarita Valley charge anywhere from $125 to $300 for a 1/2 hour or 1 hour divorce consultation. You won't have to pay those fees when you use our service. The best part is that the attorney is not only able to meet you at the beginning, but will also answer your questions (and mine) throughout the process, if needed.

This is just one more way we are bringing a valuable divorce service to Santa Clarita. The more services we can offer, the better value we bring to the table. This is especially true when it is free of charge.

For more information about our divorce services in Santa Clarita, please give us a call at 661-281-0266.