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I know this is a very open ended question, so let me clarify a bit what I am talking about.  I had a client call me who said he contacted an attorney because he needed to terminate spousal support.

His child had turned 18 and per the terms of the divorce judgment, he no longer had to pay child support.  In many cases, as with his, before the employer would stop taking the spousal support payments out of his check, they wanted an order from the court that said so.

Because an order was made when child support was ordered, you will need an order to terminate child support as well.

In order to do this you need to file a motion with the court. This would be a Request For Order and you will probably want to go in Ex-Parte so you can get the order signed faster.

If you want more information about how to terminate child support, please give us a call.  But for purposes of this article I want to discuss something intersting this client was told by an attorney.

This attorney essetially told him that he would have a better chance getting the child custody order signed if he had an attorney present. The reason he gave was that he (the attorney) would show up in court and testify that they gave proper Ex-Parte notice.  That is that they called the other party and let them know they would be going to court to request the termination of child support.

I thought that was an intersting sales pitch.  A Request For Order is simply a form you fill out and file with the court to ask for a hearing.  Giving Ex-Parte notice is simply a procedural process.  It requires you call the otherp party, generally 24 hours in advance, and let them know you are going to court.  This gives them a chance to appear.

What the attorney was trying to say is that without an attorney present, the judge may not hear the case because there would be nobody to testify that the Ex-Parte notice was given and there would be a chance the court would not hear the motion.

When you are representing yourself, In Pro Per, you do not have to hire an attorney simpy to give Ex-Parte notice and show up in court.  This attoreny was going to charge him $1,500 to fill out a single form and show up to court.

It is not necessary to hire an attorney for these types of divorce motions.  For an attorney to use the sales pitch that he will testify that Ex-Parte notice was properly given is hardly a reason to use an attorney for thi

Divorce Forms You Have To Complete After Hearing – Santa Clarita

Lately, I have had a lot of clients go to court for hearings to get some temporary orders. There are certain forms one has to complete after a hearing and wanted to discuss that with you.

When you go to court and ask the judge to make orders, say on a request for order, if order are made, you will have to fill out what is called an order after hearing.

An order after hearing is exactly what it sounds like… An order after the hearing. This is where you will fill out the form and indicate what orders the court made so the judge can sign it and make is official.

So here is how it works You go to court. The judge makes orders. Then these orders have to be placed on the order after hearing forms. Sounds easy, but there are some rules on how to do this which I will explain now.

Once the hearing is over, you will need to obtain a copy of the minute order. The minute order contains the information you will need and is a summary of what was ordered at your hearing. Usually, this will take about 3 days for the clerk to enter so you will have to go back to court to get it.

Once you have the minute order, you can complete the order after hearing. The order after hearing form has several attachments depending on what was ordered so make sure to check the appropriate boxes and attach the correct forms.

Then what you have to do is mail the order after hearing to the other party who needs to review it and sign it. They have 10 days to sign it or otherwise tell you there is something wrong with the language. Once it is agreed and the other party signs the order after hearing, it can be submitted to the judge for signature. Once the judge signs it, it will become an official order.


Motion To Set Aside Default During Divorce – Santa Clarita

Motion To Set Aside Default During Divorce – Santa Clarita

Even though you are going through a divorce, it is still a “lawsuit” as mentioned on the divorce Summons.  So this means there are specific steps that have to be taken to protect your interests which fall in line with most other types of lawsuits.

If you want to set aside the default in a California divorce case, it is possible.  You can use our full service divorce and we will file the motion to set aside default and prepare your response or you can use our California divorce online tutorial service where we show you step by step how to file a motion to set aside default during divorce.

Click here to learn more about our online tutorial of how to set aside the default in a divorce case

This includes the process of filing a Response if you want to enter the case.  When you are served divorce papers, it includes a Summons.

The divorce Summons says you are being served then gives specific information about your rights to respond and when you have to do it by.

The Summons indicates that you have 30 days to file a Response, otherwise your spouse could file a default and you would lose your right to be involved in the case and the judge can make orders without you and based entirely upon the requests of the Petitioner.

So what can happen if you don’t respond to the divorce papers?  As the Summons says, if you have not responded within the 30 days, the Petitioner can file a Request To Enter Default.

When the Request To Enter Default has been filed with the Court, it will be up to the judge to grant it.

Once the Request To Enter Default has been entered, you no longer can respond.  The only option at this point is to file a Motion To Set Aside the Default.  This is a motion you would file on a Request For Order and needs to be submitted with specific language stating the reason you did not respond.

You will be issued a court date, have to serve the motion on your spouse and attend a hearing and speak to the judge.  The Judge will decide on whether to grant your request to Set Aside the default.

If the default has not been granted by the court and only submitted, you make be able to simply file a response and be okay.

We can help you file a Motion to Set Aside Default and get you a hearing to speak to the judge so  you can request the default be set aside.  Please give us a call for more information.

How To Write A Divorce Motion Declaration Santa Clarita

We have been preparing a lot of divorce motions (Request for Orders) as well as Responses to Request for Orders.

People come to us to assist them with completing the paperwork and writing their declaration in support of their argument on why the court should approve request they are making.

We thought we would write about the process of preparing your declaration to perhaps give some pointers. There is no exact way to write a declaration but there are some best practices. We will share what we have learned having worked for family law firms and the divorce courts and what we see most commonly in the declarations.

First, lets talk about the structure of your declaration. In most cases, if you are preparing a motion, you will want to start you declaration by giving some background information about the current situation. For instance, you may say “we have been married for 3 years and have 1 child together” You could provide as much background that makes sense to set up the declaration to follow.

You will notice that the Request For Order has several issues you can address. Your declaration should follow the same order as the issues are listed on the Request For Order form. This will help give good structure to the declaration, keep your ideas in order and make it easier for the judge to read.

The next thing to think of is how you want your declaration to read. You have to watch out for the tone that comes across. Is it attacking, threatening or blaming. I have read declarations that have all of these. Most of the time, declarations that have these elements in them are written by attorneys who are setting the stage to really stir things up. Other times, they are true and completely necessary.

It is a good practice to stick to the facts and avoid allowing emotion to show through in your writing. The courts don’t really care about how you feel, etc. They just need the fact so they can make a decision. Adding unnecessary information may do more harm than good.

When we prepare declarations for folks, we will usually ask you to prepare a list of facts in support of your request. We will then draft the declaration and then give to you for approval and changes. By us writing the declaration, no emotion will be entered into the text and the facts will be presented in a clear fashion.

Our clients have been very happy with the declarations we write for their motions for divorce. If you need to file a motion or respond to a motion, please give us a call.