Should You Sign Divorce Papers You Have Been Mailed – Santa Clarita Divorce

So there is a lot of confusing about divorce, that much we can agree on. That is why i write all these articles on divorce and record videos. It is all about getting information out there to lessen the confusion.

Today we are talking about what you should do if you are mailed divorce papers and asked to sign for them. The reason we are explaining this is because people think that if they sign papers they received, that it means that they agree. This is not true.

What we are talking about here is the very first papers filed in a divorce. These first document have to be personally served on your spouse. But there is a way that you can simply mail the forms to your spouse if they are willing to sign a document which says they received them.

But here is the problem. Spouses receive the divorce documents and think by signing anything that they are agreeing to what is contained in the divorce papers. This could not be further from the truth.

The form we are talking about here is the notice of acknowledgment of receipt. It is a form one signs to acknowledge having received the paperwork. It says nothing to the effect that by signing you agree to anything. In fact, it says right on the form that this is not a response form and if you disagree with anything in the divorce papers you were served, that you need to file a response.

Let me help drive this point home. I previously stated that these initial divorce documents normally have to be served. So if your spouse hires a process server and has someone hand deliver them to you, does that mean you agree to what is contained in the divorce papers? Of course not.

Signing the notice of acknowledgment of receipt is not different. The only reason not to sign that you received the divorce papers is to be difficult. At least that is what i tell my clients when they say their spouse won't sign indicating they received the papers.

If people would just take a few seconds to actually read the forms they will realize that what i am saying it true.