Attorneys For Dividing Your Pension During Divorce (QDRO Attorney – Santa Clarita Divorce

Hi this is Tim Blankenship with You can reach us at 661-281-0266 and today we are talking a little bit more about QDROs, Qualified Domestic Relation Orders and our QDRO Preparation Service.

You do not need to use an attorney to divide your pension. We can prepare your Joinder and QDRO for about 1/3rd the cost of hiring an attorney to prepare your Qualified Domestic Relations Order.

If you have questions about QDROs and what their use is for, pension division and what not, feel free to check our YouTube channel, we have done a video on that in the past to give you more information about why you may need a QDRO service or to have a QDRO prepared for your pension.

My name is Tim Blankenship, again with If you have any questions about QDROs, QDRO Serivice, or just in general information about divorce, feel free to give us a call. Again you can reach me at 661-281-0266.