Do You Qualify For A Fee Waiver – Los Angeles Divorce Service

People are thrilled to learn that there is an affordable divorce service in Santa Clarita. Then, once they get started working with us realize how much value there really is when working with us.

This past Friday we started working with a new client that was looking for an affordable way to get divorced. She did not have a lot of money and was on a fixed income.

When people tell us this, we make sure to tell them that they can always use the courts self help center. When we advised her of this, she said she was aware of the courts self help center and did not want to stand in line all day to get help.

When folks tell us they are on fixed income, one of the first things we want to figure out is if they qualify for a fee waiver of the court fees. In certain circumstances, you can qualify for a fee waiver.

If you are unemployed or are making less than the prescribed amount of money per month listed on the fee waiver application, you can request the court sign a fee waiver which will save you the cost of the filing fee.

The filing fee for divorce in Los Angeles County is currently $435 so it is well worth your time to at least fill out the fee waiver and see if the judge will sign off on it.

In this case, we prepared the fee waiver form for her along with all her divorce forms. Normally, we will file all the new cases, but when a fee waiver is involved, the client must go down to court to file because the judge normally wants to speak to you.

We told here where to go in the court and who to talk to. When she called us she was excited to tell us that the court had approved her fee waiver. Yep, she just saved $435 dollars which almost covered her entire cost of working with us!

When going through divorce it is important that you work with a company that is experienced in the divorce process. I am certain, had this client attempt the divorce process alone or use a service who did not know how divorce works, she would have ended up paying that $435 filing fee.

We specialize i divorce in Los Angeles County and are heaquartered in Santa Clarita, CA. You can reach us at 661-281-0266.