What To Do If Your California Default Divorce Is Rejected

There are a few different ways you can file for divorce.  In this article we are specifically talking about the California Default Divorce.  This can be a True Default, where the other party is not involved at all or a Hybrid Divorce, where it is a Default, but you have an agreement.

More specifically, we are discussing the how to use the Request To Enter Default form with a default style divorce because we are seeing that people are having difficulty understanding how to use the form and when to submit it to the court.

Watch this quick video where I discuss what to do if your Request to Enter Default is rejected during your California divorce.

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If you are doing a true California default divorce, where the other party is not going to participate at all, you can file the Request to enter default form 30 days after the other party has been served.

But did you know that you can also submit your entire divorce judgment as well at the same time?

You sure can!

Most people think that they have to submit the request to enter default first, and then wait the 4-8 weeks or longer to see if it is approved before filing their judgment.  This is not necessary.

All you need to do is submit your entire California divorce judgment papers along with the Request To Enter Default forms.

When you are submitting a request to enter default for your California divorce, you may have to attach the FL-160’s (Property Declarations) if you have property.  Don’t forget, you need 2 sets of forms.  Once for community property and one for separate property.

We recommend you do one of each, even if there is no property, so the court knows that to be the case and don’t think you just forgot to do the forms.

Make sure to watch the video above, where I go into a little bit more detail about the Request to Enter Default and specifically about what you can do if your request to enter default is rejected during the California divorce process.

By Tim Blankenship

More California Divorce Cases Being Rejected

We are starting to see more divorce cases in California being rejected by the courts. This is especially true in Los Angeles County.

The divorce courts use a checklist of items they can reject your case for and is 3 pages long. We are actually considering preparing a video on each of the reasons your case can be rejected so you can avoid having this happen to you or fix it if it has.

Sometimes the divorce cases are rejected for good cause. Meaning you forgot to include a necessary page or used the wrong language or forgot to check mark a box you were supposed to.

But now, we are seeing more random reasons for rejection. Most recently we had a case rejected and the clerk requested that the papers be collated. Collated? Really?

On another case, the case was rejected because the documents were not in the correct order. You will note that the court does not tell anyone what order the forms should be in. And in fact, the order can vary depending on who is reviewing the judgments.

I have some inside knowledge of how these divorce judgments are reviewed, because i am often the one down at court reviewing them. I have been an intern and volunteer my time at the courts to make sure i am always up to date with any changes.

I can tell you that the issue with collating and putting the judgment in a certain order is something new.

I honestly believe that the courts are so overwhelmed that they are just looking for any reason to reject your judgment. If the judgment is submitted in an unorganized fashion, they will just reject it instead of reorganizing it for you.

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There Are Many Reasons Your Divorce Judgment Can Be Rejected

There Are Many Reasons Your Divorce Judgment Can Be Rejected

If you are one of the many people who have completed your divorce on your own, then you know how challenging it has been.

You know of the countless hours you spent completing all the paperwork and making sure you did it right.

Then you get to where you have to complete the judgment paperwork and soon realize that you may be over your head because of how many forms are involved and how confusing the questions are. But you think to yourself, “I got this far, i’m sure i can do it”.

So you work through the forms, make all the copies, get the signatures and then submit your final judgment. A month goes by, 2 months then three. You start to forget about it and figure it is done, because there is no way it could take this long if the court was going to reject it.

Then on month 3 or 4 your get a package in the mail from the court. You are excited that your divorce is over and rip open the package containing your judgment.

“Wait, what is this? A Reject sheet?” As you read through the reject sheet you are slowly realizing that your paperwork had errors, probably multiple errors, even errors that seem to be ridiculous as the reasons your divorce judgment was rejected.

So after 3 or 4 months, now receiving a reject on your divorce judgment, you realize that you are going to have to do this again. As the frustration sets in, maybe you throw everything in a corner to deal with it another day or maybe you plan on taking another stab at it and fixing the issues with the judgment.

There are many reasons your divorce judgment can be rejected. Most likely it was not a single issue that resulted in your divorce being rejected, rather numerous issues. The reject sheet lists about 50 reasons and then there is always that “other” box which makes the reasons you divorce judgment can be rejected infinite.

What we recommend is coming to us to prepare a judgment review. We will do a complete review of your paperwork. Not just the judgment paperwork, but all the paperwork leading up to the judgment as well.

We have been providing expert divorce paralegal services for several years now and can help you through this frustrating time. Give us a call so we can help finish your divorce and put this all behind you.

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