Santa Clarita Divorce Mediation

Santa Clarita Divorce Mediation

Today I wanted to talk to you about mediation and what it is and how it applies to divorce cases.

But first I want to give you a couple of facts.

More than 90% of divorce cases are going through the divorce system without ever having an attorney or needing any type of mediation services at all.

Our company can prepare your divorce case from start to finish. We generally will help people with amicable divorces or uncontested cases, anywhere where the parties are talking and working through their divorce on their own and don’t feel the need of hiring an attorney. They don’t have any legal issues, they don’t need legal advice and they probably will not end up in court.

And statistics tell us that only 10% of cases actually end up in court and actually need an attorney.

Generally speaking, we can handle 90% of the divorce cases here in Santa Clarita.

Now, as far as mediation services go, sometimes that is a necessity. Where the parties don’t agree, where you can’t come to an agreement. Where you have difficulty coming to an agreement. Mediation services are something you might want to take a look at utilizing.

We have client that start with us and think everything is fine and then they hit a little road bump and it’s usually about money.

So, we are talking about the issues with the kids and child support or with the other spouse and spousal support or something along those lines.

If you have trouble coming to an agreement going through your divorce and you’re using our service or if you’re not using our service. You may want to attempt using mediation prior to going out and hiring attorneys.

As obvious cost benefit here, when you use a mediation service it’s going to be a neutral third party. A party who’s going to sit down with both of you. They’ll never meet alone with you and they’ll discuss with you the issues, help you work through the process and come ultimately to an agreement. That’s the goal of mediation.

We refer out cases that end up needing mediation, where parties get stuck. Where they thought that everything is going to be fine and get stuck. We refer them out to mediation. They’ll mediate and they’ll come back.

Now, there are two types of mediation.

You have professional paid mediation and you have the court mediators.

If you go to a paid mediation, I generally recommend that because these are people you’re paying for. They’re going to spend the time it takes, quality time in helping you get through the issues in your divorce.

Mediation through the court is usually an hour. They don’t spend a lot of time with you. They’re hoping you’ll come to an agreement but they’re not going to work with you to come to an agreement.

We’re talking about paid mediation services, if you need a referral for a mediation service here in Santa Clarita. Feel free to give me a call.

We have a great service that we’d be happy to refer you to. We’ve send out several cases, happy clients have comeback and got their settlements in place and then we’ll wrap their divorce case for them.

Please call me if you think you may need mediation. But keep in mind that there’s a very small chance that you’ll need an attorney or mediation to get your divorce completed.

Please feel free to give us a call. I’d be happy to talk more about our service and how we can help you get through your divorce without attorneys, without mediation and make everything cost efficient for you.

Tim Blankenship, You can call me at 661-281-0266 or you can click the link below to visit our website at

Will Divorce Mediation Work For You | Santa Clarita Divorce Service

The process of divorce mediation where you and your spouse will sit down with a neutral third party to resolve the issues in your divorce.  Divorce mediation can be good options for many couples going through divorce.

But is divorce mediation for you and will it work?  A lot of this comes down to you and your spouse.  Here are a few things to consider:

  • Is the decision to divorce mutual?
  • Have you considered the financial benefits of mediation?
  • Can you sit in a room with your spouse?
  • Will both of you work towards and amicable agreement?

These are just of few of the questions you will want to ask yourself before deciding on using a Santa Clarita mediation company for your divorce.

We feel mediation should be attempted in all divorce cases, regardless of what your relationship is with your spouse.  We are not mediators so it is not to our benefit to tell you that you should try mediation.

We have seen the downside of spouses fighting it out with their attorneys.  Let me tell you, nobody wins except the your lawyers.

As a legal document preparation firm that specializes in divorce in Santa Clarita, we sometimes have clients that are having trouble coming up with a solution to a particular issue.  Perhaps it is financial or perhaps they need help coming up with a suitable parenting plan.

When this happens, we often refer them to get some professional mediation.  Mediation can handle a single issue or they can help you come up with an agreement on all issues related to divorce.

There are many benefits to going through divorce mediation as opposed to hiring an attorney.  You will save yourself financially and emotionally and end up with a better arrangement by using mediation for your divorce.

If you are considering divorce meditation, make sure to give us a call first.  Prior to mediation you will need to file for divorce and prepare you preliminary declaration of disclosures.  We take care of the document preparation and then you can move on to the mediation company if need be.  Once you are done with mediation, you simply come back to us so we can prepare your final divorce judgment.