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How To Tell Your Spouse You Want A Divorce 

One of the hardest things you will have to do when you decide you want to get a divorce in Santa Clarita is to tell your spouse.  When and how you do it is completely up to you, but i can tell you from experience that sooner vs later is usually better.

We have been helping folks going through divorce throughout California and many people tell us that there is some apprehension in letting their spouse know that they want a divorce or have filed for divorce.

I can certainly understand that nervousness that is present when you know you need to do something unpleasant such as filing for divorce or telling your spouse you want a divorce.  Telling your spouse you want a divorce is the first big step and I have had plenty of clients who have asked the best way to tell their spouse they want a divorce.

I think the best way to tell your spouse you want a divorce depends a lot on your specific situation.  When you go through a divorce, it is going to be important that there is good communication throughout the process to ensure you have a cooperative divorce in Santa Clarita and don’t end up fighting and spending all your money one divorce lawyers.

Once you decide to tell your spouse you want a divorce, it may be a good idea to find a time that would be appropriate, perhaps when the kids are gone or one the weekend when you don’t already have the rush around for work and school, etc.  While divorce is a tough subject and will be a stressful time, adding the fact that one of you is headed out for work or just returned from a long days work won’t make things much better.

When going through the divorce process in Santa Clarita, there probably is not good time to tell your spouse, but it has to be done.  If you want your divorce to go smoothly, you are going to have to communicate with you spouse, now more than ever.  It won’t be easy, but we can help you  get through the divorce process in Santa Clarita or anywhere in California.

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