How To Dismiss Your California Divorce Case | Santa Clarita Divorce

I had two clients in the last 2 months decide they wanted to reconcile with their spouse.  This article will discuss how you go about dismissing or cancelling your California Divorce case.

The six month cooling off period in California is there for exactly this reason.  Imagine if you could divorce in one day.  How many people would have to get remarried.  People do decide to try and make their marriage work after one of the parties have filed for divorce.

Before we talk about the exact way to file for a dismissal to cancel your case, you should consider this.

If you cancel your divorce case, and later decide it is not going to work out, you will have to re-file for divorce.  This means paying the filing fee again and having to do all the paperwork again.  Essentially, you will have to start over.

One thing you may want to consider is to just let the divorce case sit with the court while you attempt to work things out.  If your spouse has been served already then it is unlikely that the courts will send you anything in the mail or request you to go to a hearing.  However, if you have not had your spouse served, you can expect that they will set a hearing to follow up on how the process is going.

If after reading this you still want to file for a dismissal of your California divorce, here is what you do.  You will need to file a form CIV-110 – Request For Dismissal.  This is a generic form that is used for many types of cases, not just divorce cases.  If you need to get a free copy of the form, simply search for “Fillable CIV-110” and you will be able to download a copy.

Here is a couple of rules to follow when filing a CIV-110 – Request For Dismissal of your family law case.

If you have filed and your spouse has not filed a response then only you (the Petitioner) need complete, sign and file the dismissal.  If your spouse has filed a Response in the family law case, they too will have to sign the consent to dismiss the case.

The reason for this is because your spouse can decide they want to continue with the divorce, even if you want to reconcile your marriage.  So you will have to get your spouses agreement to dismiss your divorce if there has been both a Petition and Response filed with the court.

Divorce Can Be A Tough Business In Santa Clarita

Being in the business of helping people divorce can be tough sometimes.  Most of our divorce cases are amicable, but we do have a few that have clients that are upset and get angry at each other.  I think this is normal.

We definitely don’t get as many angry or upset clients as I did when I worked at a law firm here in Santa Clarita.  By its very nature, when you get n divorce attorney involved, the divorce case is going to have a much higher emotional impact.

Most of our clients are at least someone in agreement and are somewhat trying to work together to complete their divorce case.  Lets put it this way.  Our clients are not mortal enemies like you find when they hire attorneys.

So that leaves us to work between the clients to facilitate the divorce process.  Because we often help both clients we will hear the complaints on both sides.  Our job is not to mediate your divorce, but we are here to make things easier and keep the divorce process moving.

Divorce is a tough business because we don’t sell widgets that make people happy.  Most people purchase products or services that make them happy.  However, the second biggest purchasing motivations is to reduce pain.  And I think that is where our divorce service comes into play.  We reduce pain, meaning that we help you complete a process, that when finished, will hopefully relieve some pain and stress in your life.

Some of my clients are funny in that they can’t wait to celebrate completing their divorce.  Maybe it was a very short divorce or that “Vegas wedding”.  Yeah, we get some of those.

In any event, people just want to get their divorce over and done with a fast as possible and with as little problems as possible.  And that is what we do.

We are a professional divorce service that will help facilitate the completion of your divorce.  We complete all the necessary forms, file all your documents, go to court for you and complete the entire divorce process from start to finish for one affordable flat rate.

Divorce Process Takes Longer Than Expected | Santa Clarita Divorce

One of the most frequently asked questions about the divorce process is, “how long does it take”.  There is really two answers to this.

I used to simply say that the fasted a divorce can be completed is in 6 months.  That is 6 months from the day your spouse is served or files their response, whichever occurs first.  But what this article is about is more related to the process and how long it “really feels” like is it taking.

The reason I am writing this article is because many of my clients say that the process seems like it is taking very long to complete.  The funny thing is that these calls and emails come in after only 30 days have passed since we started the process.

What this tells me is that when going through a divorce, time will really drag on.  It can be an emotional process and people just want it done as fast as possible.  They want this other person out of their life and just move on.

So a lot of my job is trying to express that divorce is a process and it is going to seem like it is taking longer than it really is.  There is nothing I can do about it and there is nothing that will make things go faster.  While it is possible to get all the paperwork out of the way quickly, you will have to wait for the courts approval on the divorce judgment which is taking anywhere from 3 to 6 months to approve these days.

I understand that you are frustrated and the divorce process seems slow.  I write many emails to my clients to try and relax and that it will all be over soon.  Just not as soon as you would have hoped.

So if you are going through the divorce process or getting ready to start, just know that it is a process and takes time.  Our divorce sevice will make the process that much easier, but no matter what happens, the soonest it can be completed is in 6 months.

We Make Divorce Understandable – Santa Clarita Divorce

The process of divorce is complex and has many moving parts. Even with all the information out there on the internet about divorce, it is still confusing to most. Even the Los Angeles Superior Court's websites attempt to explain the process of divorce, but even they have trouble making it clear.

Day in and day out we speak to clients who are trying to understand the divorce process. They are trying to wrap their head around how everything comes together. They have spent time on various websites and talking to friends who have been divorced, but still have lots of questions.

If you follow our blogs, you know that we write, talk and make videos about everything we can think about in regards to divorce. We have made the process of divorce just little more understandable.

But that can only take you so far. You see, the divorce process can change or be slightly different in each case. There is not a one size fits all process for divorce. There are lots of “what if's” that can drastically change the direction you need to take when going through your divorce.

That is what makes our divorce document preparation company so good. It is not just that we prepare, file and serve all your divorce documents, but the information we give you about how the divorce process works. When you work with us, you have someone in your corner, every step of the way, helping you understand the divorce process and answering all your “what if” type questions.

The information we give you, you just can't get out of a self help book. The information just is not specific enough to your exact situation.

People who call us or visit our office often say this. They say they have talked to an attorney and left their office more confused than when they walked in. When they leave our office, they say we made the divorce process understandable and took the confusion of the process.

We are licensed and bonded legal document preparation firm that specializes in divorce. We are headquartered in Santa Clarita and serve all the courts in Los Angeles County.

Divorce Service With A Servants Heart – Santa Clarita Divorce

Okay, I have to admit that i stole the line, “With a servants heart”. But even though I stole it, does not mean it isn't true.

I am sitting here at the Oil Stop in Valencia, CA and writing the blog on my Ipad while sitting in my car. I come to Oil Stop because I enjoy the professional service and attentiveness I receive.

Today, i just happened to be sitting in the bay furthest to the left and there was a computer monitor that continuously showed the same commercial about Oil Stop and had employees saying throughout “with a servants heart”.

I find it hard to explain the type and level of service you receive with our divorce document preparation service. But when i heard those words, I thought it definitely was how i viewed the level of service we provide.

I can tell you that we provide a great service, a valuable service and will provide excellent customer service. But those words are so worn out and really don't mean much anymore.

What i wanted to impart in this article is we are here to serve your needs and assist you with getting you through your divorce or other family law related matter.

As I have been here writing I have lost track of the fact that I automatically say “no” to everything they try to sell me here at Oil Stop and think I bought all the extras today. I needed it and was happy to have a professional service take care of these needs, even if i had to pay slightly more than if i went someplace else.

We are a licensed and bonded legal document preparation service that specializes in divorce. We are headquartered in Santa Clarita, CA and serve all the courts in Los Angeles Countu.

Please feel free to give us a call about any questions you may have about divorce. We promise to provide our divorce service with a servants heart