Divorce661.com Reviews & Ratings

At Divorce661.com we have many happy clients who give us great reviews and ratings.  Usually these reviews and ratings of our divorce service in Santa Clarita are by way of a simple email or kind word in our office.

Many of these reviews and ratings are never made official.  So we  thought we would discuss our reviews and ratings from our clients.

While there are review sites out there such as Yelp, most people simply don’t want to write a review or rating on a public forum or online for all to see.  We completely understand folks who don’t want to write a review or rating on our divorce service for purposes of privacy.

But as mentioned above, we do get many “Thank You’s”, “Couldn’t Have Done It Without You”, and “You’re A Godsend” in person comments and emails on a daily basis.

Customer reviews and ratings are a popular search term on companies.  We realized that, prior to this post, there really was no listing for reviews or ratings on our company aside from the major review and rating online companies.

At Divorce661.com we take our job very seriously and customer satisfaction is our top priority.  We live in the same neighborhoods in Santa Clarita as our clients and see them in the local grocery stores.  It is important to us to have a good reputation in Santa Clarita.

This model has served us well as we have received great reviews and ratings from our clients and this is further proven by the amount of referrals we receive from our clients.  When a client give us a referral to one of their friends or family, that they are trusting us to take as good as care of them as we did them.

So to those who have written public reviews and ratings or have written us a kind not or just showed your appreciation, we thank you.

Divorce661.com is owned by Tim Blankenship, a licensed and bonded legal document preparation firm, headquartered in Santa Clarita.  Divorce661.com provides an affordable divorce service to all of California.