California Divorce Service Providing Tips & Assistance On YouTube

California Divorce Service Providing Tips & Assistance On YouTube

If you’re watching this video, you’re one of thousands of people that come across our YouTube videos every day in searching for a divorce service to help you with your divorce in California.

We have seen more and more people find us through YouTube than, I don’t want to say than our blogs because we have over a thousand articles in written format on our website and blogs, so we do get a lot of visitation or locating us that way but YouTube is obviously the number two search engine in search.

We have a lot of videos and people are finding us more and more through YouTube.

So, if you’re watching this video, make sure to subscribe to our channel at and you’ll automatically be able to access all of the videos that we’ve shot, we’ve now hit nearly 300 videos as of this video.

We record several a week with helpful tutorials, tips, things we’re seeing in the courts, and things at that nature. Very helpful information that you can need either for yourself or for someone you may know that needs help with their divorce.

This is Tim Blankenship, Make sure to give us a call if you’d like help with your divorce. The number is 661-281-0266. Talk to you soon.