California Divorce Tip # 1 – A Cheaper Way To Divorce In California

Sometimes I feel like I am the only one that talks about divorce on our blogs. I think because i am. At least about how to save money on divorce and how the divorce process works in California.

I decided to do a daily or weekly tip on divorce that will talk about just about anything from home to complete forms to have to save money, etc.

Today's tip is about something we talk about fairly often, but could always use more exposure. This is about the benefits of filing a hybrid divorce. We know we are starting to get some traction and getting the word out about hybrid divorces in California because we are starting to get calls from new clients saying they watched our video and want to file a hybrid divorce.

A hybrid divorce is simply a cross between a default divorce and a divorce where your spouse filed a response. Most people (attorneys that is) will tell you that you have to file a response if you want to be involved in the case. This is not true.

Here is the definition of a hybrid divorce. “The Petitioner filed for divorce, and no response was filed. The parties will complete their financial disclosures and enter into a written agreement”.

So what the courts are telling us is that it is possible to enter into a written agreement in your divorce without having to file a response.

In all of my divorce cases, I prepare a hybrid divorce for my clients. Doing so, allows the parties to save over $400 in filing fees.

People have come to us because they don't want to spend money on attorneys fees. So obviously cost is a concern. That is why we have made a point of discussing these money savings tips about divorce and a cheaper way of getting divorced in California.

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Please give us a call if you would like to learn more about the hybrid divorce process as a cheaper way to get divorced in California.