My Valencia Divorce Judgment Rejected 3 Times

I hear it every day.  I tried to do my own Valencia divorce and my Valencia divorce judgment was rejected. In this case, this gal’s Valencia divorce judgment was rejected 3 times.

Why Your Valencia Divorce Judgment Is Being Rejected

This is not the most times someone has told me their . Nope, the most times someone said their Valencia divorce judgment was rejected was 7 times.  Can you imagine having your Valencia divorce judgment rejected 7 times?  Even if you have had your Valencia divorce judgment rejected once, it is enough to frustrate you completely.  You think you have completed your Valencia divorce properly and then one day, you receive the rejected Valencia divorce judgment in the mail.

Valencia Divorce Judgments Get Rejected All The Time

Valencia divorce judgments get rejected all the time.  In fact, so much that we have a service just for cleaning up the judgement and resubmitting.  But we have talked about that in many articles and if you find yourself in a situation where your Valencia divorce judgment has been rejected.

But the purpose of this article was not so much to talk about our service is it is to discuss a situation I ran into today.

So today, I received a message on Facebook from someone I knew several years ago.  Someone that worked in an office near me.  So not friends, per se, but an acquaintance would be the best way to explain it.

Anyways, I ran into her in the Ralph’s grocery store in Valencia about 6 months ago. She said she knew I was doing divorce’s and said she was having trouble with her divorce as far as the paperwork was concerned.  So she asked me for some advice and I gave her a few pointers to trouble shoot her case based upon what she told me the problems were.

Back to today.  She reached out to me via Facebook and asks me how much it would be to fix her Valencia divorce paperwork.  I give her a price via messenger and explain that we will take care of everything.  Her response was, ” It is just the judgment, everything else is fine”.

Honestly, this irritated me.

Here is why.  I know that not “everything else is fine” when you are turning in your divorce judgment.  This is because when you turn in your divorce judgment, this is the first time that the court reviews any of  your paperwork.

Everyone things all their divorce forms are correct, until they turn the judgment into the court.

Why Your Valencia Divorce Will Be Rejected Multiple Times

Here is a secret that I have told a million times.  When you turn in your judgment to the court, the clerks will find one or two maybe three reasons to reject your divorce judgment paperwork and send it back.  You fix those few mistakes and then they reject it again.

This is why we have created Valencia divorce judgment checklists.

Why do you think the judgment gets rejected so many times?  If everything is fine then why does it keep getting rejected for new reasons?


What also irritated me is that I also have her a second option.  I said, “pay for the California Divorce Tutor Uncontested Divorce package which is just $97 and I will walk you through wrapping up your Valencia divorce case.

I didn’t get a thank you or even a reply.

If you are not willing to spend even $97 to finalize your Valencia divorce, then I suppose your only option is to keep having your Valencia divorce judgment rejected.

Look folks, the Valencia divorce process is complicated.  You need professional help.  Otherwise you will struggle and your divorce will take years.

You are undoing a marriage of how ever many years.  Get it done right and have a professional company handle your divorce case.