Valencia Divorce Service

Valencia Divorce Service

We are your affordable flat fee based divorce service.

Essentially, what we are is a paralegal service. However, we are a licensed and bonded legal document preparation firm that specializes only in divorce. That’s all we do.

In fact, we’re only paralegal service or legal document assistant service that’s licensed and bonded and operating in the city of Valencia here in Santa Clarita.

We basically offer affordable flat rates. We can get you through your divorce case for one low flat fee.

If you are going through divorce, we want you to be aware that you do not necessarily need an attorney. We’ve handled anywhere from 10 to 20 cases a week right here in this little town of Santa Clarita and we do high volume of cases.

That’s because we are the only company out here that is providing this service at an affordable rate.

Now, just because our costs are low, doesn’t mean you’re going to get a poor service. We pride ourselves in service. In fact, we currently have 8 five star reviews on Yelp! So make sure to look us up. We have our listing under SCV Legal Doc Assists.

You’ll see a lot of great reviews on how we’ve done and we will run your case exactly like you would have done at a law firm.

My training comes from working in the courts and working for a law firm out here in Santa Clarita prior to opening this business which we’ve been in business for two years now. We will run your case exactly like you would if you went through a law firm.

Meaning, we fill out all the forms. We take them down to court. We file them, we serve them. We do all the mandatory financial disclosures. We’ll take care and prepare your final agreement and judgment

We’ll help you determine child support, spousal support, parenting plan, custody, the whole shot.

If for some chance you’ll need an attorney at some point or you are unable to come to agreement.

We have lots of resources and referrals for things such as mediation and we can even send you guys out to attorneys here on Santa Clarita. We know all the good ones.  Make sure to give us a call on that.

My name is Tim Blankenship, is our blog.

We have hundreds of videos, pod casts, tutorials. We’re also on iTunes. Divorce master radio on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

Please give me a call. It will be free to give you a free over the phone consultation. Make sure our service can help you. The number is 661-281-0266.

So to our website, and again feel free to watch our videos, iTunes and Stitcher Radio at divorce master radio.

This is Tim!

Valencia Divorce Service | Why Choose Our Divorce Service

Valencia Divorce Service | Why Choose Our Divorce Service

Today I want to talk to you about why you should choose our divorce service.

We’re licensed, we’re bonded, in fact we’re the only divorce paralegal service in Valencia Santa Clarita Valley doing divorce only.

You can search around, you’re going to find that there are some other paralegal services that offer a myriad of different services but they are not good at really any one of them.

We specialize only in divorce. We’re currently handling anywhere from 15 to 20 cases a week and we have a background with just family law. When I say we I’m taking about I. I do have several employees but when it comes down to this business, I’m the one that has all the information and knowledge about divorce.

I’ve worked for a family law firm for 2 years prior to open this business, prior to that I worked for the family law courts and if you’re here in Valencia, your case is going to be in San Fernando.

We don’t have family law here in Santa Clarita and I’ve actually worked to that court for several years as well prior to working for them law firm.

We have lots of information about the divorce process. And I really believe that we are the best service out there.

Not only are we affordable, but we will run your case just like a law firm does. Which means this.

We fill out the forms, take them down to court, file them, serve them, do all the financial disclosures all the mandatory court requirement and then we’ll prepare your final agreement or judgment or stipulation or whatever you know that, that for you to be.

We help you with determining child support, spousal support, custody plans, visitation, parenting plans. All that is wrapped up into our flat fee pricing.

You won’t have to go to court. We handle cases that are amicable, all the way through contested cases. What we’re hoping is that folks will come together at some point during the process and come to an agreement on terms.

Should you not or need additional assistance while you’re going through the process with us, we have referrals out for mediation firms and we can also refer you to a good attorney here in Santa Clarita if it ends up going that route.

But in any case, start your divorce with us.

We can probably get you most of the way through if you have trouble. 95% of our cases never need mediation, never need attorneys and they go throughout, go through the process with us without a hit.

Sometimes we hit a little road bumps but we get people through that.

But, start with us. Give us a call. I’d be happy to give you a free consultation. 661-281-0266.

Our website is We have hundreds of video tutorials, podcast audio. We’re also on iTunes and Stitcher Radio if you’re into pod casting. You can look for Divorce Master Radio, that’s our show name on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

Make sure to look for us there if you are into pod-casting.

Please give me a call when you’re ready to go through your divorce here in Valencia. 661-281-0266.

Again, my name is Tim Blankenship.