Can I File For Divorce In California I Wasn’t Married In California

Can I File For Divorce In California I Wasn’t Married In California

Today we’re talking about why it doesn’t matter where you were married for purposes of getting divorced.

I’ll assume that too many people would have this question but it’s come up enough times to address in video.

For instance, I get calls such as ‘Tim, can I get divorced in California, I was married in the Philippines or I was married in Australia or I was married in the UK’ things of that nature.

When it comes to divorce, it’s basically a jurisdictional issue as far as California is concerned, if you’ve lived in the state for six months and in the county for three months, that is the court that you would file in.

So, if you live in Los Angeles County and you’ve been in the state for more than six months and the county for more than three, you would file your divorce in LA County.

If you had recently moved in to California, technically you would have to wait. If you’ve change counties, you can move from one county to the next and if you are to file, technically speaking you’d have to file on the county you left unless you wanted to wait the time requirement for the county to file in the new county you’re in.

One other thing is if you are married in another country and you’re spouse is still in that country, only one of you needs to be in the county to file. The court only has that jurisdiction or I should say, you can file if you’re living in the county, not both of you have to be there.

As long as one of you are, and then when you serve your spouse, wherever they may be, the court will have jurisdiction over them at that time so they can make orders over the divorce.

I hope that clarifies that question if you had it, that you file where you live not where you’re married.

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