The California Divorce Process Is Frustrating We Can Help

The California Divorce Process Is Frustrating We Can Help

We have fixed fee pricing so make sure to call us when you need some help.

This article is talking about people being frustrated with the divorce process.

We get people that call us from all over state of California asking for assistance which we happen to do for a fee and because of the frustration in the paperwork, or the process, or just the whole issue of getting divorced.

People call us from, again, all over California and they call us at different stages in their divorce, so let’s talk about that.

We get calls from the very beginning when people have decided on getting a divorce, they don’t want to hire an attorney, they want to work it out on their own and they want more than an affordable cost – that will be us.

They call us at the beginning. They don’t want to deal with it; they’re both working, they don’t have time and they don’t want to deal with the paperwork. That’s number one.

Number two – we have people call us who have gone down to the courthouse, picked up the paperwork or got off line, tried to fill it out, maybe they even filed the initial paperwork; it got returned, rejected, having problems – they’ll call us.

Another time they’ll call us is when they get three courses of the way to the process. They’ve filed, they served, they think they do everything right and they are to realize everything was done wrong and they’re pretty frustrated and they call us for help.

The worst cases are these: You filed, served and all the financial stuff – all the forms; you think you’ve done everything right; you’ve tried to prepare the judgment, you submit your judgment to the court, months go by, you don’t hear anything, you think “Great! It’s over!”

Six / eight months later, you get a rejection sheet, mailed with all of your forms coming back to you and you’re devastated because now you have to literally start over.

You’ll have a sheet with check marks of issues and things you did incorrect and it could go as far back as the initial paperwork you did because the court is not reviewing your forms that you file at any point in your divorce until you submit your final paperwork.

So, obviously, we recommend that you call us – and from the very beginning. You don’t have to do this on your own and we’d be happy to help you there but we can also help you at any point in the process.

If you get stuck, if you get completely frustrated, throw up your hands and want to give up – call us. We can figure out where you’re at, picked up where you left off, fix all of the stuff you already messed up and take it to the finish line for you.

Tim Blankenship, 661-281-0266. Anywhere in California, we can help you, so please give me a call.