Why You Need Our Help During Your California Divorce

Why You Need Our Help During Your California Divorce

Hi, Tim Blankenship with divorce661.com. We specialize in divorce in California.

And today I just want to tell you a little story of a client who called us recently, who is very confused, very frustrated and even upset to a degree, about what was happening in her divorce.

So, a lady calls me, she had recently been served divorce paperwork and she’d actually been separated from her spouse for like twelve years, so it wasn’t like there is this huge emotion or anything  they’ve been separated for twelve years. They just never got around to do in a paperwork.

So, she was served the paperwork, received all the summons, petitions, all the financial stuff, all the proof of service, all the blank forms for her to respond. And when she first reached out to us, she essentially sent me an email off our website at divorce661.com. And the email was very long; she had all kinds of questions and I can just see by how she was writing that she was kind of frantic in what to do and trying to follow the instructions and all the paperwork was foreign and I totally get that. We get those types of calls all the time.

So, I asked her to call, which she did. And she was just completely frustrated and confused with the process. She wants to know:  “Do I have to go to the court?”, “Do I have to fill out the form?”, “How soon do I have to do it?”, “What goes in this box?”, “Do I have thirty days for this?”, “I had sixty days to do this stuff?”, “Do I need to…?” – You know those types of questions and it’s very common.

The reason I bring this up is because, after spending five or ten minutes on the phone with her, she completely relaxed, she understood exactly what needed to be done, she came into our office and hired our company to take care of everything for her and she wrote us a very nice email the following morning saying she was so glad. I think she used the word albatross to get this albatross offer back and just have someone in her corner to help her so she can go on with her life and not have to deal with the process and the paperwork and spend time figuring things out.

She has us as a resource, so now we are taking care of her response; we’re taking care of all her financial disclosures. We’re going to go down to court for filing everything, serve the paper and do everything that’s necessary for her and she is just totally relaxed now and can go on with her life.

Because when you get served divorce paperwork, it is a shock. It’s a legal proceeding and in fact, the summon says you’re being sued.  So, and you lead into things, there were boxes checked on her paperwork which I didn’t mention, that she made assumptions about because of what it said.

She thought that her husband was going after certain things and after I had her explain what it says that she is talking about. I told her, those boxes that were checked are completely boiler plate, meaning we always check those boxes. It’s nothing specific, nothing against her.

So, why do I tell you the story? You need to have someone in your corner; you need to have someone helping you with your divorce.

We specialize in divorce in California. We have flat fees. Go to our pricing page at divorce661.com. We have fixed fee pricing. You can figure out how much your cost is going to be just by looking at our site.

We have a description of if you fall on to this category; this is what your cost is going to be.

Not to mention if you start with us, we can get you to the divorce process for a one filing fee.  Normally there are two if you are going through a divorce in California, so, we can actually save you some money.

So, I just want to get this out to folks to, the sooner you can get someone in your corner the sooner you can find us online and call us, we can discuss what we can do for you, you’re going to feel much more comfortable going through the process. And that’s what I really want to talk about today.

Divorce661.com. You’ve been looking at the blue bar here probably this entire video. Give us a call, go to our website and look us up. Tons of great information. We’ll be happy to help.

Talk to you soon!