This is the time we get a ton of calls from folks who want to stop their child support.

Many people wait to the last minute or forget and end up over paying for child support.

What’s worse, is the courts can take 30 days or more to sign it and then your employer needs to get it into their system.

The sad reality is most people end up over paying…

And you will never get that money back!

If you need to have your child support terminated and there is an income withholding order, we can help…

You don’t have to come to our office…

You don’t have to go to court…

And we take care of everything.

Here is what we will need: you can email it to

  1. Copy of the current order, if you have it
  2. Your case # and current address
  3. Your current employer and address
  4. Your DOB & last 4 of your social security
  5. Copy of a birth certificate
  6. Anything to show your child is or has graduated (not required, but helpful)

We charge a flat fee of $320 for this service

You can use the order form below to get started.