005 DMR – Understanding Filing Response During California Divorce (Podcast)

005 DMR – Understanding Filing Response During California Divorce (Podcast)

In our fifth episode of Divorce Master Radio, we go deeper into the procedure of California Divorce, specifically talking about what to do when you are served divorce papers in California and what your responsibilities are in filing a Response.

Just as a side note, we are impressed that in only a short few weeks, our Podcast has been downloaded and listened to a lot more than we thought would.  In fact, we weren’t sure if anybody would listen to it, but apparently we were wrong.

In this Podcast we talk at lengths about what to do after you have been served divorce papers, timelines, and what forms you need to complete to finalize your divorce.

Topics discussed:

  1. What forms you need to file a Response
  2. What the timelines are for filing a Response
  3. When financial forms need to be completed
  4. How long do you have to prepare and file and serve the financial disclosures
  5. The steps to completing your divorce
  6. Why the divorce process is easy and that people make it difficult
  7. How to file by mail
  8. That you don’t have to go to court
  9. How we can help you with your California divorce anywhere in California

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