$2,500 Paid To Attorney For Amicable Divorce And Case Not Finished

Tim Blankenship here with Divorce661.com. And in this video we’re talking about the fact that if you and your spouse are in agreement, you do not need an attorney for your divorce.

We handle amicable divorce cases, have done so for 10 years, and I bring this up because I had a call today on a consultation from a ne client who said that his wife had used an attorney and hired an attorney, obviously to prepare the paperwork, paid $2,500 dollars to process their divorce, Knowing it was uncontested and did the initial petition and filing and did the proof of service – did not help the respondent, the other party do any of their paperwork.

So they had their own fees, filing their own paperwork, trying to do their own thing. And in the end when they went to move the case forward, the attorney wanted another retainer.

So the $2,500 dollars wasn’t even a flat fee. There are definitely better options. Give us a call.