$97 Dollar California Divorce Service Online

For the last couple of months I have been working on a project that would bring the California Divorce self help centers to your home or office.

I am referring to a website where I have recorded all the steps on how to complete your California divorce on video.  Not only that, but I provide all the forms as well.

This video divorce course was designed for the people who are planning on doing their own divorce, either by trying to figure it out on their own, or by going to the court’s self help centers.

This is an affordable way to have the exact process of completing your divorce without the need for having to figure things out on your own or wasting hours and days at the self help centers.

The site is called California Divorce Tutor and right now we have all the steps for completing your uncontested divorce.

We are also working on the 3 separate video courses on how to complete a contested case, how to prepare for trial and how to prepare motions for court.  There is a lot of work ahead of me for sure.

The great thing about our uncontested divorce training course is that I show you step by step on how to complete all for forms. Not only that, but I tell you why you are completing the forms and how to change it for different situations.

I will be talking a lot about our California uncontested divorce video course trying to get the word out.  We already have over 11,000 video views on YouTube where we discuss the course and show a bit of behind the scenes of what you get.