Amicable Santa Clarita Divorce | Will You Have To Go To Court? |

Santa Clarita Divorce Will I Have To Go To Court

Amicable Santa Clarita Divorce | Will You Have To Go To Court? |

A question we get a lot is, “will we have to go to court if we are in agreement”.  The answer I would give before is that it was virtually guaranteed that you would not have to go to court if you were amicable in your divorce and reached a full agreement.

I’ve had to modify that to a 99.999% chance that you won’t have to go to court.  Watch this 1 minute video where we explain.


A question that came up the other day was, do we have to go to court If we have a full agreement and used our services here at and the answer is no 99.999% of the time.

I used to say 100 percent chance, you will not have to go to court, but we have in 10 years, had two people where the court requested the parties appear at a hearing despite the fact that we had submitted a full agreement the court had no issue with the paperwork. The forms were correct, the I’s were dotted. The T’s were crossed, Etc. The issue was it and it usually comes down to this is regarding children and child support.

So, if the court does have a question of clarification regarding the orders or the settlement agreement you have agreed to, the court has the final say, so they can call you in if they have questions, they’re not going to change anything on you, but they usually just want some points of clarification.

So I just wanted to clear that up.