Avoid Identity Theft During Divorce

When you go through a divorce you will be providing whatever company you work with, with just about all your financial and personal information.  This includes tax returns, pay stubs, credit cards and names and date of births or you and your children.

But nobody seems to ever worry about identity theft!

I have never been asked about our procedures for destroying files after we have completed a divorce case!

I bring this up because I know we are not the only game in town, and many people are just shopping for a low price to get through their divorce.  But what I want to warn people about is the security steps companies, if you can call them that, are taking to protect you.IMG_1442

We are the only divorce paralegal company in Santa Clarita that actually has offices. The majority of people who say they can handle your divorce case aren’t even licensed to operate, rather they are just people doing this on the side out of their home.  What do you think happens to your paperwork?  Thrown in the trash with all your personal information?

I bring this up because my staff and I were recently conducting an end of year file clean-up and had to destroy hundreds of files.

Fortunately we utilize a company called Iron Mountain that provides us with year long bins where we place all our legal documents to be shred which they pick up about every 3 to 4 weeks.  We shred all your documents!

Yes, this comes at a cost, but your financial security and helping to protect you from identity theft is one of our chief concerns.