Baby Boomers Divorce Rate Now 25%

A Recent article in the Los Angeles Times now estimates that the baby boomer generation divorce rate is now at 25%, up from 10%.

What is being called a “Gray Divorce Boom” is being led by baby boomers once again. Most of us are keenly aware of how this huge population of people have effected the economy throughout history.

Now they are creating a boom in divorce.

Working with people who are going through divorce everyday, I can attest that we get our fair share of baby boomers coming through our doors. In fact, I would say it represents closer to 40% of our clients, not just 25%.

But what explains this increase in this older folks getting divorced? Is it the change in how we look at divorce overall as a culture?

I am in my 40's and my parents never divorced. My friends parents did not divorce, at least that i can recall. So divorce was just something that was not as prevalent as it is today. It has become the, “well, everyone else is doing it” scene.

We never make is our business why someone decides to get divorced. Getting divorced is a personal decision and only you know what is best. We are not here to judge, rather if you have made the decision to get divorced, we simply want to make the divorce process as simple and smooth as possible.

If you are a baby boomer or fall in this “gray divorce boom” you are obviously not alone. The divorce rate is climbing every year and is impacting all ages and generations.

For there to be this drastic of an uptick in divorce, one must conclude that there has been a dramatic shift in how our culture looks at divorce and marriage. Perhaps folks stayed in marriages due to social pressures as getting divorced in the past was not as prevalent.

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