Burbank Divorce Court | What Is The Divorce Process In Burbank

Burbank Divorce Court | What Is The Divorce Process In Burbank

To answer the question of what is the divorce process in Burbank, I would first have to say that the if you live in Burbank, CA, you now have to file your Burbank Divorce all the way out in Pasadena.

That said, the divorce process in Burbank will follow the divorce process in Pasadena.

So lets get started

What is the Divorce Process In Burbank?

The divorce process in Bubank (or should i say Pasadena) is the same divorce process as it is across most of the State of California.  When you have us complete your Burbank divorce case for you, we like to break the process down into 3 steps.

Step 1 of the Divorce Process In Burbank

First, you will want to complete your initial divorce court documents which includes the Divorce Summons and Petition.  There is also a form you will need regarding where you live and if you have kids, you will have to complete a UCCJEA.  Once these are completed, you will file them and then have them served on your spouse.

Step 2 of the Divorce Process In Burbank

After your Burbank divorce case is filed and served, the next step is to work on your financial disclosures, otherwise known as your Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure.  This includes the Income and Expense Declaration and Schedule of Assets and Debts.  You would complete these and serve them on your spouse.

Step 3 of the Divorce Process In Burbank

Once you have filed and served and completed your financial disclosures, the next step is to complete your judgment.  This will be one of the most tedious parts of your Burbank divorce.  There can be as many as 30 different forms to complete and way too much explanation to try and address them here.

We recommend using our Burbank Divorce service to complete your Burbank divorce.  We are a full service divorce paralegal firm that specializes in only divorce and handles the Burbank area.  We take care of filing, serving, preparing your financial disclosures and completing all agreements and the judgment.  We have access to the court’s dissomaster software and can help with spousal support, child support, custody, visitation and any other orders you would like included in your Burbank divorce case.