California Divorce Process Explained In 1 Minute

Tim Blankenship here with, and what I’m going to attempt to do is explain the divorce process in under one minute.

So this is the divorce process. One party will decide to file their petition.  They will then serve the petition on the other party. The respondent will then file a response to the petition and that can be done whether you’re an agreement or not.

Next step is to complete your financial disclosures.  This is a mandatory step for you both to list out what all assets and debts are on the table for Division or however you want to divide things up then your settlement agreement is drafted based on the terms of your agreement.

Now, that’s how it will go. If you guys are amicable, if you guys don’t agree on even a single issue, that’s when you will actually enter the court system and you’re basically asking the judge to make a decision through a trial.

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