California Divorce | How We Save You Court Filing Fees

California Divorce | How We Save You Court Filing Fees

I want to share with you a way we can save you $435 in filing fees when you work with us to file your Divorce case here in California.

Now I have lots of years of experience. I’ve worked with law firms, Self Help Centers and I’ve even worked for the Superior Court system.

So because I did that I kind of get let in on a little bit of a secret that the courts don’t want you to be aware of.

So when you file a normal Divorce case one of you will have to file the papers. That would make you the petitioner.

And the other person will file a response and they would be the respondent.

Now when the petitioner files their initial documents there’s a court fee. Currently its $435 and it’s always going up.

But what people don’t know is when the other party, your spouse perhaps in this case as the respondent within 30 days they’ll require a file response.

Now that response also comes with a fee of $435.One thing the courts don’t want you to know is that there is a way, there is a trick and a way to get through your Divorce on a single filing fee.

And you can therefore save $435.

The reason I bring this up is some people try and get their Divorce case started on their own, they pay $435, their other spouse pays $435 there $870 in to their Divorce and they have no assistance.

They do it with themselves.

Had they called our service in the beginning we could have done move forward on a single filing fee and of course saving that second filing fee will help offset the cost of hiring the professional company like us to prepare your Divorce.

We take of everything from start to finish for you so you don’t have to worry about things.

So call us if you want more information on how to save that second $435 filing fee.

I’ll be happy to help you with your Divorce. And take care of that for you and save you some money.