California Divorce Service Now On iTunes | Divorce Master Radio

We are excited to announce that our California Divorce Legal Document Preparation service now has a podcast which can be listened to on iTunes.  Make sure to check out our iTunes podcast called Divorce Master Radio.  Use the link and check it out.

We are the first LDA (Legal Document Assistant ) firm to have a podcast on iTunes and is just one more way to get out information about divorce in California.

Having an iTunes show made sense since we are advocates of getting information out to our clients (or future clients) who may need our service.  our iTunes podcast is now in addition to our blog, videos and social media accounts that we have had for some time now.

As an avid listener to podcasts, one thing I have learned is that I really connect with the person speaking on the microphone and can get some really in depth information and better understanding of what I am listening to.

I am hoping that the same happens for the listeners our show.  We are going to have some solo episodes about California divorce as well line up interviews with folks that would add value to our show.

Podcasts in general have started to become more popular now that so many people have smart phones and can listen virtually everywhere they go.  I know that I listen to podcasts at least  twice per day when I walk my dogs.  I also listen to podcasts while driving (not much of music guy).

In any case, I hope you enjoy the California divorce podcast officially known as “Divorce Master Radio”

I have embeded our most recent episode below.

By Tim Blankenship