California Divorce – Serving Divorce Papers When Spouse Out Of Country

We come across clients who have spouses living out of Country and out of state pretty often so wanted to write this article which discusses how you can serve your spouse when going through a California divorce when they are living out of state or out of country.

(watch this short video where I explain)

Lets first talk about when your spouse lives out of state. If you spouse lives out of state, the easiest way to serve them would be to send via certified mail, return receipt.  This is an acceptable method of serving your spouse when they are out of state.  Just don’t forget to use the return receipt, that little green card, because you will need that to file your proof of service form.

Now lets talk about out of country.  I would suggest you simply serve this by mail.  You can have a copy of the divorce papers mailed along with a form called a notice of acknowledgment of receipt.  The other party would sign this form and return it and you would file the notice of acknowledgement with the proof of service.  This form lets the court know that the other party voluntarily accepted the divorce papers by mail.

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