Can’t We All Just Get Along – SCV Divorce

Can’t We All Just Get Along – SCV Divorce

While most of my clients are going through a mostly amicable divorce, I do get a fair share of folks coming to me because their spouse has hired an attorney.

What is interesting is that I see people hire attorneys that don’t even need them. They get it in their head that they need an attorney and there is nothing that will change their mind.

Today I had someone in my office that was facing that exact situation. Husband hired and attorney and was being fed information from his attorney that was definitely making things worse and not better.

The problem is that the husband was the primary income earner and the wife stayed at home caring for their two children. The husband moved out and left the wife no choice but to move in with her parents with her children. To make matters worse, he does not pay her any child support or spousal support. There is no way she can get a job as her youngest is just 5 months old.

I don’t know what kind of man does this to his own children. Okay, so you and your wife are going through a difficult time, but why make your own kids suffer?

These types of issues are exactly why I stopped working at a divorce law firm in Santa Clarita. Spouses were fighting over everything and the only winners are the attorneys who end up with all your money.

All I could do is provide information about how the process works and what she can expect. We prepared the divorce papers and because her husband would not pay child support, we also filed a motion for child support so she could get some temporary order for support until the divorce was over.

I told her that hopefully he will come to his senses and realize he is going about this all wrong.