Avoid Going To Divorce Court | Santa Clarita Divorce

Avoid Going To Divorce Court | Santa Clarita Divorce

While there are many reasons why you may have to make a court appearance during your divorce process, there are a couple things you can do to reduce the chances of having to go to court.

I received a call the other day from someone who attempted to complete the divorce on their own.  They completed all the paperwork correctly, or so they thought.  One of the issues with the family law courts, is that there is nobody checking your divorce paperwork along the way.

That means that you can file your paperwork completely wrong and nobody will say a thing.  You can even forget to file certain paperwork or forget to serve paperwork, and again you won’t hear any complaints from the court.

That is until you submit your judgment for review.  You see, when you file a document with the court, the clerks only job is to stamp it and give you a copy.  They do not review your divorce paperwork or check to make sure it is correct.

The first time anyone will review any part of your paperwork is when you file the final judgment for divorce.

I know first hand how it works as I have been the one, on occasion, in the courts reviewing some of the judgments that come in.

We were always able to tell which judgments were filed by those who were not aware of the process and those done by professionals such as legal document assistants.

So how is this article about avoiding court?  Well, back to this person that called.  His judgment and divorce paperwork was done so incorrectly that the court sent him a notice asking him to appear in court.  Why?  Because they thought it would be unlikely that he ever get the paperwork right considering how bad the judgment was put together.

There are other reasons why you would have to go to court.  This may because you filed a True Default divorce case and did not evenly distribute the assets and debts.  This happened to another person I spoke with.

If you are representing yourself it would serve you well to use our professional divorce preparation services.  We have the experience it takes to complete your divorce paperwork correctly and submit your judgment so that it get signed off and you can move on with your life.


Look Up Your Divorce Case Summary | Santa Clarita

Look Up Your Divorce Case Summary | Santa Clarita

There are certain circumstances where you will need or want to look up your divorce case summary.

One of the reasons is to check to make sure the court has not placed any hearings on calendar.  Another reason is to make sure that the divorce court is properly filing the divorce documents you are submiting.  Additional reasons you would want to look up your divorce case summary is to see what documents that other party has filed.

However, probably the most important reason you would want to look up your divorce case summary is when it comes time to submit your final judgment.

The final judgment requires numerous forms to be filed with it.  The court will verify that you have filed and served all the appropriate documents at this time.  One way to help them verify is by submitting a copy of your divorce case summary and highlight the documents that are on the judgment checklist.

A practice of ours is to also provide copies of the filed documents so they can quickly see that the documents have been filed and saves them time from having to look through your file to verify if the documents are truly there.

You will want to do everything you can to help the court with the judgment and avoid any chance of having it rejected.  If the judgment does get rejected you will have to correct  the errors and resubmit it.  This means that you are looking at approximately another 2 months before your judgment will be signed off on.

We are a licensed and bonded legal document preparation firm in Santa Clarita and specialize in the divorce process in Santa Clarita.


3 Steps To Divorce | Santa Clarita

3 Steps To Divorce | Santa Clarita

Here at Divorce661 we have broken down the divorce process into 3 digestible steps.  The divorce process can be confusing, difficult and frustrating all at the same time.

If we threw everything at you at once, you would probably throw in the towel.  We have been doing this for some years now and we find that our clients appreciate the fact that we break down the divorce process into three steps.  It makes it much more manageable.

The first step in the divorce process here in Santa Clarita is to file the initial divorce documents so we can get a case number assigned by the court and receive  the papers back and ready to be served.  Part of this first step is to also have the initial divorce forms served on the other party to the divorce.

The next step is to work on the financial disclosures which includes the declaration of disclosure, schedule of assets and debts and income and expense declaration.  We have prepared how to videos on all of these forms if you are attempting the divorce process by yourself.

The third step in preparing the judgment paperwork.  The judgment paperwork essentially documents the terms of the divorce and includes such things as division of assets and debts and any other items you want included in the final divorce judgement.

We are a licensed and bonded legal document preparation service in Santa Clarita and specialize in the divorce process.  We serve all the divorce courts in Los Angeles and provide a virtual service which allows us to assist you regardless of your location. You won’t have to come to our office or go to court.  Of course unless you want to.

For more information on our affordable Santa Clarita Divorce service or on the 3 steps to divorce, please give us a call or watch or videos.

Santa Clarita Divorce Paralegal Service

Santa Clarita Divorce Paralegal Service

Need to get divorced but find the cost of hiring an attorney to be prohibitive?  Not to worry.  There is a better divorce alternative to hiring an attorney when all you need is someone to get the divorce paperwork done for you.  Have you heard of Legal Document Assistants?

Well, that is what we are.  A legal document assistant firm which specializes in preparing divorce documents for you.  To become a legal document assistant, you have to have several areas of experience which we have exceeded in all areas.

First, you have to meet specific educational requirements. In our case we hold college degrees in legal studies and continue our education through various training courses offered by numerous legal associations.

Second, you must meet the experience requirements.  You must have worked for either a law firm, self help center or as a paralegal for several years prior to the County of Los Angeles approving a legal document assistant license.  We have done all three of these.  We have worked for family law firms, in the Courts self help centers as well as in the Courts themselves.  So we have a wide range of experience to draw from when it comes to preparing your legal documents.

This has given us a leg up in the legal document preparation industry.  There is not a more knowledgeable divorce legal document assistant firm in all of LA County.

Using our Santa Clarita Divorce Paralegal Service provides you with an affordable alternative to paying the high cost of hiring a divorce attorney to prepare your divorce paperwork.  We provide a fixed fee legal service, so you know your total cost up front.  No hourly billing here.

If you want to get your divorce paperwork done accurately and quickly while saving on the costs, please give us a call to discuss your specific divorce situation.  You will be glad you used our Santa Clarita Divorce Paralegal Service.

Newhall Divorce Paralegal Service | Newhall CA Divorce

Newhall Divorce Paralegal Service | Newhall CA Divorce

SCV Legal Doc Assist is quickly becoming the go-to source for fixed fee divorce services. Even among their peers as Legal Document Assistants, they we are often called from other experiences divorce legal services who are looking for advice on how to prepare specific divorce forms and help folks through the divorce process.

The main reason we have become the go-to source is because early on we decided to specialize in family law and divorce while our competitors attempted to be the be-all-solve-all paralegal services.

Because our formal training and experience was in family law and divorce it was just a natural decision to decide to specialize in Newhall divorce services.  We wanted to be the most knowledgeable divorce paralegal service in Newhall, CA and that is exactly what has occurred.

While we have always acknowledged that we do not promote divorce, we do promote the fact that we when the need for divorce arises, we want you to have an outlet to get through the divorce process without having to go further into debt by hiring a Newhall divorce attorney.  There is just no reason to pay the exorbitant fees that divorce attorneys charge just to prepare your divorce paperwork.

We are here to provide you top-quality divorce services.  We prepare your divorce forms exactly the same way they would be done if you went to an attorney.  This benefits your for 2 reasons.  Number one, is that you get your divorce paperwork done for a fraction of the cost.  The second reason this benefits you is because if at some point in the process you need to hire an attorney, your paperwork is done exactly as they would have done it.  This means that you would have saved a ton of money up to this point.

The call is free.  Call us to discuss your divorce situation.  We help those that eventually need attorneys to defend them in court.  The first part of the divorce process is all paperwork and hardly has anything to do with legal advice or the court.

Lancaster Divorce Paralegal Service | Lancaster Divorce

Lancaster Divorce Paralegal Service | Lancaster Divorce

We understand that you don’t want to pay a fortune to get divorced.  We know this because we have worked at some of Los Angeles’s largest family law firms and the cost can be prohibitive.

Please take the time to learn more about our Lancaster divorce paralegal service.  We provide fixed fee divorce services directly to the public without the need for paying high divorce attorney fees in Lancaster, CA.

The reason we are able to do this is because we are licensed with the County of Los Angeles to provide direct to consumer legal services without the need for attorney supervision.  This is why our legal services are at rates way below what you would traditionally pay for getting a divorce in Lancaster.

We understand that you don’t want to spend your savings or go into debt to get divorced.  And you shouldn’t have to.  In fact, when we worked at law firms, most of the folks who retained our law firm, did so on credit, going further into debt.  It should not have to be this way.  That is why we formed our flat rate divorce document preparation service.  Our clients are thrilled when they learn they can get the through the divorce process and either not have to hire a divorce attorney nor attempt to do it alone.

If you want to get through the divorce process and not spend a bunch on money, using or Lancaster divorce document paralegal service is you answer.  We start on average one new divorce per day.  Because we specialize in the divorce process, we are able to get you through your divorce much quicker so you can move on with your life.

Give your local Lancaster divorce paralegal service a call to discuss you specific divorce needs and learn how you can save thousands of dollars on your divorce and still get efficient divorce document preparation.

Del Sur Divorce Legal Service

Del Sur Divorce Legal Service

Our divorce legal service is in Del Sur.  If you are looking for the best Del Sur divorce legal service then look no further.

We are a licensed and bonded legal document preparation company that specializes only on divorce.  We have done this because we felt that there is no way to focus on more than one area of law and provide a high level of service.

Because we specialize in divorce, we have become the number one divorce document preparation service in Los Angeles County.  In fact we get many calls  from dissatisfied clients who have used other “unlicensed paralegal services” or franchise type divorce document services.

Watch the below video for more information about our Del Sur Divorce Legal Services.

Our experience comes from many areas.  We have worked in just about every family law courthouse in Los Angeles County.  In addition, we have worked at some of Los Angeles Counties largest family law firms and continue to this day to volunteer with the family law self help centers in and around Los Angeles County.

Getting a divorce is serious business.  You don’t want to risk taking the chance of preparing your divorce documents yourself or using and unlicensed paralegal service or discount franchise service.

We offer a concierge divorce document preparation service.  People have found our service to save them valuable time, money and energy by using our divorce document preparation service.  Because of the high level of skills our legal document assistants possess, we can get you through the divorce process fast in Del Sur.

Give us a call to discuss how a licensed and bonded legal document preparation company is your best choice when you decide to get divorced.  The divorce process does not have to cost you a bundle.  You can have your divorce documents prepared professionally without the high costs of an attorney.

The call is free  to discuss your divorce issues and how we can help you get through the divorce process.

Castaic Divorce Legal Service

Castaic Divorce Legal Service

If you live in Castaic and are looking for a fixed cost divorce legal service, look no further.  We are Los Angeles County’s only licensed and bonded legal document assistant firm specializing in providing direct to consumer divorce legal services.

What is a legal document assistant you ask?  Well, we were previously called independent paralegals, but now are officially known as legal document assistants.  We are only one of less than 600 in the entire County of Los Angeles and the only ones who specialize only in divorce.

Watch the below video for more information about our Castaic Divorce Legal Service.

We have years of experience in the divorce field which comes from a variety of sources.  We have worked in the Los Angeles County family law courts as well as major family law firms.  We also consistently volunteer out time in the self help clinics in and around Los Angeles County.  These experiences provide us with an unparalleled understanding of the divorce process both from a completion of forms perspective and divorce court procedure.

We have strong ties to the legal community through our affiliation with the Los Angeles County Bar Association, Santa Clarita Valley Bar Association and other legal associations.  This helps us to keep up to date with changes in the law and procedure as they effect the divorce process.

When you want to save on the high costs of getting a divorce, using our Castaic divorce legal service is exactly what you need.  We have a very streamlined process, most of which is done right online.  Because of the divorce process we have implemented we are able to have your initial divorce documents filed with the court within 24 hours.

Please give us a call so we can discuss how our Castaic divorce legal service is the best choice when you want to get a divorce but don’t want to hire an attorney.  We have helped hundreds of clients save money on their divorce.

Child Support Services Cases | Los Angeles County

Child Support Services Cases 

Child support services cases are completely different than cases filed with the County.  For instance, if you spouse files a case with child support services and you go through child support services, this has nothing to do with any cases filed with the county.

Let’s say your spouse goes to child support services and files a complaint for child support.  Let’s assume for arguments sake, that you were unmarried and had a child together and mom wants to get obtain child support.  Even though this process will run it’s course, it has nothing to do with any paternity case that may be filed with the County.

What this means is that if you have a child support services case and you want to file a paternity case, you would have to do that with the family law court, not with child support services.  And while child support services may have a case number assigned, the County would need to issue their own case number.  That means that you would have to start from scratch if you wanted to file a paternity action.

You may be surprised to know that even though you just went through the child support services case, if you wanted to file a motion regarding paternity, you would have to pay the initial filing fee.  The initial filing fee may be could be for a paternity action or you if you wanted to get some orders from the court, you could start off by filing a request for orders regarding child support and child custody.

Please give us a call for assistance with divorce and other related family law matters.  We are you low cost legal solution serving all of Los Angeles county.

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