Do You Need Child Support Or Spousal Support Orders?

We are a full service divorce company that prepares, files and serves your divorce documents.  This includes assisting you with child support and spousal support orders. We can prepare your motion or assist you in filing a Response if you have been served. We can help you during your divorce or even after your divorce (Post Judgment).

How Spousal / Child Support works when you are getting divorced

If you are  going through a divorce, you can file a motion with the court and ask for spousal support or child support or both. At any time, while going through the divorce process, you can file a motion with the court.  These motions are called Request For Orders.  When you file a motion for child support or spousal support, a court date will be set.  The orders that are made at the hearing will give you temporary orders until time of the final judgment in the divorce case.

How Spousal Support / Child Support works after you have divorced

Any thing done after your divorce has been finalized in called “Post Judgment” which simply means “after the judgment”. When you file a motion to modify spousal support or child support there normally has to be some “change in circumstances” for the court to order a modification of support.  Normally if one of the parties loses a job or is now making more money is justification to request a modification of support. It is best to call our office so we can discuss if a modification is appropriate.

If you were served with a Request for Order for support

If you were served a motion or request for order, you can file a Response.  A Response is your opportunity to tell the judge your side of the story. Their are specific rules on filing a Response related to filing, service and due dates.  Don’t wait too long before calling us as it does take a few days to prepare your declaration and file them with the court.