Couple Use Attorney For Uncontested Divorce – Still Unfinished 1.5 Years Later

Tim Blankenship here with What we’re talking about in this video is I had another call with both the spouses today where they had hired an attorney, they thought collectively, and told the attorney we want to hire you to handle our uncontested divorce.

And that’s fine. I mean you’re going to spend a lot more money than you need to then using a service like ours, but what happened was the attorney actually showed up on record as representing the petitioner, the wife, and that’s not so much an issue, is that going on a year and a half, what they found out is after all the money they had spent nothing had been finished. They filed the initial petition. They served the initial documents.

But after that, their case, just remained unfinished. And what’s worse is for several months there was no response from the attorney to move the case forward. And I can tell you why. This was not a money maker for the attorney. They had already paid their initial retainer, but there’s nothing they could bill against because they weren’t going to court. There’s better options. Give us a call.